Masashi Kishimoto Coming To New York Comic Con

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  • Skorm94

    Ugh so sad stuff like this doesn’t happen in Europe. Anybody planning on going that wants to grab me an autograph? :p

  • Trulynd Hall

    Aaaahhh man!! I want to go so bad, just once in my life i want to meet him. He’s my inspiration.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    My question is, what of decided not to go with head bands, and didn’t make Naruto a ninja world, and went with the one shots plot?.

    • I believe he decided the use of the headband when he decided drawing Naruto’s googles all the time would be a bother.

      • I know, I’m saying if it wasn’t a bother, and he did it anyways. Who do you think I am?!?

    • British_Otaku

      The one shot for Naruto never really clicked with me but I’d also like to hear how he would have pushed to the One Shot’s concept even if it has been 15 years since.

      Another question I’d have would be: “You did a Mafia themed One Shot (Mario) and Baseball themed One Shot (Bench) while Naruto was running. Out of those two directions, which would you like to do a spiritual successor to?”

  • I have these two

    Will there be anymore new Naruto game plans for after the STORM series?


    Do you have plans for making another game series for an already existing or ongoing Anime/Manga? Like what they did for JoJo and Naruto.

    EDIT: I got the names mixed up, was tired as heck at the time of writing, sorry lmao

    • TheGameTagerZ

      He has no control over the games. So I wont ask him this, plus he doesn’t seem that into video games especially after seeing a Viz interview where he said somewhere along the lines of “my favorite game is the one where they fight”.

      • NZH97

        Lol, are you gonna interview him anything to put on this site and the One Piece author seems more interested in gaming as he plays the pirate warriors games

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Didn’t understand. Are you asking if we’re going to interview and if so put it on the site? If that’s what you mean then yeah that’s the plan.

          • NZH97

            Yep exactly that

      • Wait I think I replied while getting the names mixed up lmao. I must’ve been tired, sorry about that.

  • Marshall D. Teach

    Okay so I know Kishi is a big fan of mechas. So can we expect thats what his new series will be about or have in it? Assuming that he is making a new series.

  • NZH97

    Eh. I’ll wait for Oda, Kubo and Togashi to visit

    • Skorm94

      Oda and Kubo absolutely, Togashi not so much. At least not until he’s finally back on track with HxH.

      • NZH97

        Lol I said Togashi because I know it’s impossible because if he doesn’t even work on hxh why would he travel here and I would still like to meet him

    • Hope Togashi never comes. He’s a disgrace.

      • NZH97


  • Lit! Wonder if I’ll go this year.

  • STigersPrank

    Can you ask then if characters like bee, ay, ohnoki are going to get screentime in the new series? I mean if we re going to see other villages like kumo, kiri or sunagakure and how they developed? And espescially how the characters developed?

  • Anyway my actual question is.

    Will you be doing a full series sequel to Naruto?

    • Skorm94

      Please no. For as much as I like Naruto (which is a lot), when a story is told it’s told. I highly doubt that any sequel would come even close to the originals quality.

      • Side Story about Sasuke’s travels would be nice. Be a cool ova and or manga short.

        • Skorm94

          jup that I can get behind

      • Its just a question on it. To see if a thought has been processed on it. Not like he will though.

        • Skorm94

          I know I know just stating my opinion 🙂

  • Edo tensei master

    I would like to know if he had planned every single twist in the story since the beginning or if they pooped up in his mind while the story progressed. E.g Obito was mentioned within the first few chapters had he already planned to give him an antagonist role or just after Kakashi gaiden. Same with itachi= hero twist. Or the foreshadowing of madara at the end of pts naruto.

    • PTS= Post Traumatic Stress.

      • Guest

        It works with Pre-Timeskip too

    • Ninjas

      At the very least, he said that he had Itachi’s plot twist planned from his first appearance back in part one. He said this in one of his interviews from November. As for Obito/Madara’s twists, it would be nice to know if those were planned or not.

  • Kogure Yuuya

    *inserts witty comment about whatever*

  • Ninpou


    >Would he be willing to do a short manga series on Itachi Uchiha’s memories?
    >Would he be willing to do a spin-off on Minato Namikaze’s childhood days?

    ^Back in earlier years he mentioned that he’d like to do these, but apparently did not have enough time. What about now that the Naruto series is over?

    >Does he think that intellect>brawn for a fight?
    >Will he ever continue his Mario one-shot, especially now that he’s seen New York?

  • Ichiru Kiryu

    DO you guys know which Barnes and Noble that he is going to ?