Obito Uchiha (Zetsu-Tobi) To Join Naruto Storm 4 As A Playable Character


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  • Sorry but i’m too inmature.

  • TheGameTagerZ

    We didn’t have anyone to translate this for the entire day believe it or not.

    • Understandable. I doubted we would get a scan today.

    • Bdock3601

      I noticed lol

  • No true mention of being playable to beyond story mode, which is concerning but I believe he will be playable. I just now have to make sure if he is not playable, be angry about as they advertise him for the story only.

  • Leland South

    Now that this is translated. Does anyone know if he’ll be playable outside of story mode? I really want to use him online.

    • Doesn’t really say, he could be like Kinkaku and Ginkaku. in the game but ol in the story. I would be sad if he was but it’s not like he was one of my must need characters,

      • Leland South

        He was one of my must needed characters though I wanted him more than I want the sound 4. And that says a lot

    • Ahtma

      He probably will be, but his moveset will likely be a watered-down version of his story mode abilities.

  • Naruto_2015

    This is one of my favourite moments in Naruto. I’m SUPER glad this story is in the game 😀

    • That moment is gonna be so awesome in the game.

    • Now I wonder if Kid Kakashi will finally have an alternate moveset with the Sharingan added?

  • Bdock3601

    Sweet thx

  • Gamejtv

    Nice. Hyped for this to be in the game! Can’t wait!

  • Alright, so the entirety of Team Minato is playable, and now Zetsu Kid Obito is confirmed.
    Next character reveal will most likely be Ten-Tails Jinchuriki Obito.
    Then they’ll start revealing everyone else.
    1. Sage Mode Kurama Link Naruto (With a new moveset, but only takes the role of an alternate skin for KM Naruto)
    2. EMS Sasuke with full-body Susano’o Awakening (once again, new moveset, but is only considered a costume for EMS Sasuke)
    3. Kurama Chakra Mode Reanimated Minato (Regular Reanimated Minato is merged with Alive Minato. Kurama Chakra Mode Minato becomes his own character with a revamped moveset with some changes from Revolution Minato’s awakening)
    4. Ten-Tails Jinchuriki Madara (New Character slot)
    5. Red Beast Mode/Eighth Gate Awakened Guy (All new moveset that may share a slot with the original like Revolution Kakashi, or may be a new slot like Reanimated Sage Mode Hashirama)
    6. Zetsu Obito (Potentially just a costume for Unmasked Adult Obito with a different Awakening and Ultimate Jutsu. Overall moveset probably the same as Unmasked Obito)
    7. Kaguya Otsusuki
    8. Kakashi with both of Obito’s Sharingan/Susano’o Awakening (Will most likely share a slot with Revolution/Storm 2-Onward Kakashi, but have yet another new moveset, Ultimate Jutsu, and Awakening)
    9. Toneri Otsusuki (leaks hint that the “The Last” characters are DLC, so maybe Toneri would be DLC, much like Sage Mode Kabuto.)

    Potential Other Characters:

    1. Epilogue Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto and Sasuke always get the most character variations. I wouldn’t be surprised if their adult versions were in the game, either as new characters or costumes for their “The Last” variations, assuming the “The Last” Naruto and Sasuke are new characters and not costumes)
    2. Boruto and Sarada (With the Boruto movie coming up and Kishimoto working on the Naruto Gaiden manga, it’s easy to assume that Boruto and Sarada could potentially make the roster. Kishimoto was pretty involved in Revolution, after all, so coming up with a moveset for these two wouldn’t be too hard with Kishimoto on board).
    3. The remaining six Swordsmen of the Mist (With so many people still clamoring for them, there could be a chance that the Swordsmen will finally be playable in Storm 4. Revolution added the Reanimated Kage after a lot of uproar over their exclusion in Storm 3/Full Burst)
    4. The Sound 4 (Barking up an old tree, I know. But seriously. If Cc2 can bring back Konohamaru and Hanabi Hyuga, they really have no excuse not to include these guys. Which brings me to my next point)
    5. All support-only characters made playable (which was technically possible in Generations…..anyway..Since they announced that players will now be able to shift out with their support characters like in games like Marvel vs Capcom and the DBZ games, this raises a big question: Will this game still have support-only characters? Or will the support characters finally be playable?)
    6. Indra and Asura Otsusuki/Hagoromo and Hamura Otsusuki (Either or both pairs of the Otsusuki brothers could potentially be made playable. Perhaps the story would have a flashback of Indra vs Asura during the chapters that revolve around Hagoromo speaking to Naruto and Sasuke, and perhaps the boss battle with Kaguya will show a flashback of Hagoromo and Hamura stopping their mother?)
    7. Izuna Uchiha (Izuna could also be added since the story mode would likely have a flashback of Hashirama and Madara’s past. Shisui was made playable without much of his fighting style being seen before, so Izuna could be the same)

    • Akatsuki member

      Agree with the majority of your predictions. I only doubt a new minato. I think that revoultion minato probably had been designed for storm 4 but already released in revolution to increase the demand for the game, similar to the Kage in generations. (That are just my own thoughts though and if course I could be wrong.) Maybe he gets tweaked a bit like a new ultimate but thats it. Zestu, deserves a honourable mention as well he may be weak but had a huge impact on the story. Madara rinne tensai (no shirt madara) could get into the game as a costume at least as well, because his battle against the bijuu and naruto/sasuke could be even a boss battle event.
      Rather unimportant characters( importance in story/ability wise) we may will get as well Dan/ Kin-gin/ pakura/ gari to expand the roaster and variety a bit as well as the last character costumes ( as DLC though I guess -_-)

      • Bdock3601

        Zetsu wasn’t as weak as some of the characters included, I hope he is included

        • Akatsuki member

          I hope so as well. I think he already could have been included in storm 3 but now is his last chance. I just mentioned his flaw to avoid hate^^
          Beside Tobirama could get updated as well. They added an awaking jutsu in revolution but I hope bandai doesn’t consider this as enough, well I certainly don’t. An real Edo itach with susanoo combos would be nice but I don’t even consider it a possibility anymore. The time would have been in storm 3, maybe still in full burst but now it’s to late and he won’t be touched by the developers again

  • Asuka gonna get dat booty

    Now lets hope he is playable in free mode

    • Bdock3601

      I think “joins NS4” is a good indicator that he will be….but we’ll see I guess

    • Andrew Blagburn

      Why on earth would he not be?

      • Asuka gonna get dat booty

        That could said for a lot of characters that was in Storm 3

        • Bdock3601

          Well he is playable, any of the story characters in s3 that didn’t make free battle were just minor venemies

        • Jordan Maurice

          Actually no every character that we controlled and played With in the story was available in free battle and online etc

  • Akirascreaming

    This killed it I m buying this game just for this scene lol

  • STigersPrank

    Thx for the translation SG! These are great news but not grand or earth-shaking..

  • Was just hoping for that mention of actually being playable, not seeing it is quite concerning but hey I’ll take it he is playable for now because character you usually play as in the game in story are playable in free battle anyway.

    • EliteTrainerXeos

      As if “JOINS NS4!” wasn’t a big enough hint…

  • Kogure Yuuya

    Great, another Obito. Because there weren’t enough already

    • SuperSagejin

      Great another complainer, even tho there are over 100 characters.

    • 1. Kid
      2. Masked Man
      3. Orange Mask Tobi
      4. War Tobi
      5. Adult Obito

      Adding this Obito and Ten-Tails Obito gives us a total of 7, which is just one more than Naruto.
      Each Obito has their own unique moveset, so why complain about them being in the game? It’s not like the 6 Vegetas in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 that pretty much fought the same with different special attacks. Each Obito is unique.

  • Hiroshi Matsumoto

    LOL I was hoping this would be in the game and him a playable character, too xD
    I’m sold. I’m done, I don’t care what else is added – I’m buying NSUNS4 xD

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    That’s what that thing was in my manga? I didn’t know what he was or what it meant bit I kept reading anyway.