Ndool, Old Joseph, Iggy and Phantom Blood Dio Confirmed for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven


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  • lewis beechey

    Hyped as all hell for the Joestar Mansion Stage.

  • AzIz

    Ndool ?? all he did is sit and attack with his stand from distance , interesting

    • N’Doul*, and yeah but he was supposed to be playable in the Capcom game. This might just be a throwback to that, finally having him playable and all.

  • BlacksmithJ0


  • Ahtma

    N’Doul was a really curious pick. It makes me curious just how many characters in total we’re looking at.

    Also CC2 is doing a wonderful job of making these characters look like their manga counterparts.

    SPEEDWAGON WITH HIS SLEDGEHAMMER, HELL YEAH! It’s like the Phantom Blood game all over again, only this is going to be (hopefully) good.

    • Speedwagon with a Sledgehammer used to be a meme here and it became so big thats why a lot of new stuff features him with it lol.

      Well tbf, I believe that CC2 are still using an outside company for character models. But I guess it is based off of CC2`s Gold Experience Requiem Graphics Engine.

      So far we have 4 brand new characters (tech 3 but I wont go too far into stuff), so I believe we will be getting around 10 total new characters (new meaning not playable in ASB ofc), and then pretty much every character returning from ASB.

      • Ahtma

        I wasn’t aware they were outsourcing their models.

        • Yeah they outsourced the actual character models for ASB (which was part f the big upset and fall of ASB in Japan.)

  • Morgiana
  • People are probably wondering why I put N`Dool instead of N`Doul, that would be translating this at 1am lol. Also true fact here: N`Dool`s official name is actually `N`Dour` as Araki-sensei named him after famous Senegalese Singer `Youssou N`Dour`.
    The more you know! I, SBJ, the JoJo kings head spilleth with JoJo knowledgeth….

  • AzIz

    At the beginning i thought they’ll just change the color of outfits , like Caesar his Anime outfit is a bit different from the manga , but they used the manga’s but now they completely changed Dio’s outfit to the Anime’s , that’s really great.

    • Yeah same with the latest Medicos Dio figure, its based on the anime movie and DP anime.

  • Oooooh Vampire Style! Neat!

  • Hagaren

    I want Mariah to be playable too.
    That being said, hope all the other parts get their fair share of representatives. VI and VII especially since they were quite shafted in ASB.

    • SBR was especially shafted. Diego was supposed to be in ASB, hence why he is one of the first characters revealed in the early EoH days!
      I bet any money that we are getting F.F and Weather for the SO part, they would both work in the settings and they are wanted across Japanese forums.