Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Characters Revealed, Game Guide Comes With Jaco & Gine Assists

In 3DS

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  • NZH97

    Wow. You guys have been translating a lot today. Thank you for this information and there’s a site which seems legit that pw3 coming to EU on August 15th

  • RandomName

    Sweet more Gine! I hope this game ends up in the US sometime soon!

  • Tenseeeiii

    I enjoy AkSys games so I kinda hope this game gets localised, always wanted to play a 2D Dragon Ball fighter since I haven’t had the chance too yet, I don’t own a 3DS yet either so it’d be one of the perfect games for it in my case if it got localised. Thanks for the translations SGZ, means a lot!

  • Delli81

    Don’t release it in the US I don’t buy it. Release it in the US then I buy it…