Dragon Ball: Xenoverse DLC Pack 3 Delayed To June 9th In Japan, Bonus Campaign Announced


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  • AzIz

    i won’t even bother re-subscribe to PS + and will just play the new missions offline , WTF

  • NZH97

    Wow lol

  • David Hero

    just wait a sec you really think we would be happy with that how about giving a whole new story all the Sagas or a what if mode all the characters fight all the boss new forms let us go super saiyan god super saiyan that would make up to us if this is the last pack you think they would go all out put super saiyan 4 broly as a bonus boss

    • TheGameTagerZ

      There were never any plans to make a story for this pack. The developers can’t just do what they want either. Before making the game they already listed their plans to the publisher before even getting the game approved.

      • DeathPointZ


    • Endless

      This is irrational comment.

      SS2 is already over powered af. Making a SSGSS would be crazy right now

      • Jordan Maurice

        It would make more sense giving the other races transformations instead of piling the saiyans up with more and more

    • TheManWithPants

      Because that’s not how game development works, and all of that is unreasonable to ask for at this point in time, especially since Saiyan OCs are OP enough already thanks to SSJ1 and 2 allowing for spamming infinite Super and Ultimate Attacks. The Developers are probably gonna make Gohan’s Potential Unleashed skill available for all races via training with Elder Kai, which is clearly done to level the playing field for all non-Saiyan races. Also people actually want SSJ4 Broly? Hell naw, keep that Dragon Ball Heroes bullshit out of XV.

  • DeathPointZ

    I’m just glad to hear something on dlc pack 3 finally. Looking forward to it.

  • Endless

    Xeno Storm

  • But I wonder why the delay? From the earlier screen shots they showed that they have the models of the characters done already. So unless the reason for this is because of SS3 for Saiyan CaC’s then I don’t think they have the excuse.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      So a delay on anything would have to mean they’re adding SS3 CAC’s? I’m not even sure that would even take much effort. Not to mention it doesn’t even fit with the DLC Pack 3 at all.

      We will never know what happened exactly. Maybe there were some bugs with that pack that they needed to iron out. Or they needed to polish more. Again we will never know what actually happened. They don’t purposely hold out DLC, they want to make their money of course.

      • Bugs can be iron out without delay lol. At most bugs are finished debugging within 1 week. Polish is for BEFORE the game comes out. So unless they give us something WORTHWHILE for this DLC pack 3(other than what was originally announced) then a lot of people would either not buy it or just plain ignore it lol. You have to remember of what games are coming out for PS4 that month.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          So I wont be able to google a couple times where any DLC or game was delayed due to bugs or “polish”?

          Xenoverse was delayed and still had a ton of bugs btw, but I can list a lot more if you like.

          Well you sound sure enough that you’ll ignore it and that’s fine. Not everyone buys DLC to begin with. If a delay is stopping you from buying DLC then I honestly believe that you were never really getting it to begin with.

          • I didn’t say that I would not get it. But people who are saving up to buy.. you know BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT!!!!

            This is why DLC needs to be out soon after launch or companies(like Nintendo) to say when the DLC will launch so that people could ignore the wait until the time nears.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              I agree that the DLC should have came out before hand, but we don’t live in a world where everything is on time and games always get delayed Nintendo included. As for Batman Arkham Knight, that game got delayed too for the same reasons most likely.

              Also you can go back there if you like. Saying that wont offend us one bit. But when you, or anyone else make silly claims out of rage and anger, I will respond and I will question you.

              • DeathPointZ

                Mom, dad please stop fighting.

          • Any I am going back to SI then. Good bye.

            • DeathPointZ

              Bye then.

    • DeathPointZ

      Look, we aren’t getting an ss3 form. We are probably getting the form that ultimate gohan has and that’s that.

    • Jordan Maurice

      We are never getting ss3 for created saiyans in xenoverse its most likely the skills and balancing and maybe unlocked potential if were getting it from old kai

  • bleadze

    As much as I love this game I stopped looking forward to it, it takes longer every time to release the dlc pack

  • Kiera

    I’m waiting for this so please bring it soon to the West. After that DLC I have all played what I want in the Game.