Boruto: The Movie Scan Shows New Character Designs and A New Konoha

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  • Jose Morales

    When the new vjump magazine comes out??

    • Hentailover

      It’s already been out. Juubito one is this months vjump.

  • i cant get over boruto’s name cause everytime i say it it sounds like burrito

    • TheAnimeCircle

      In my case it’s sarada’s name cuz you know salad lol… This is such a troll XD

  • Ryo Kurokiba


  • )))Travis))) ( Chihaya)

    Cool! Can’t wait to see this movie.

    And thanks SG for getting this..

  • Can’t wait to read the summary of the movie.

    Thank you very much SG for all your hard work.

  • Iván

    When Madara Rikudou scan? :(((

    Thank you for all your work.