Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – Resurrection F DLC Gameplay


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  • DeathPointZ


  • Bdock3601

    Where is it available? I couldn’t find it on NA store so is it only out in Japan? #Crucialinformation

    • PSN store hasn’t updated. It’s already up on the Xbox Store.

  • bleadze

    Psn is a joke I’ve been waiting… Oh and vegeta moveset is not impressive they just made it look like a rainbow still the same vegeta only move set am impressed with is friexa but he still fights the same, same moveset and speed

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    Sorry who i ask here but when we will see the new scan from Naruto Storm 4 translate?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      That has been asked already. We were unable to get scans this last week.

      • And exactly WHEN will you get it at all?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          No need for caps lock. We don’t know when we’ll get scans.

  • Saiyan Hunter Alchemist

    Now all that we are missing is Demigra