Naruto Storm 4 – Rikudou Madara Scan Translation


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  • Saeko Busujima

    Finally! Thanks guys! Do we know if hes going to be playable? And one more thing, I hear there’s a storm 4 demo out for PS4. If thats the case is it possible for someone to look into the coding to uncover details about the game as we seen it happen in the past?

    • Bobby Jennings/Godless

      Yeah hes playable.

      If there was a Storm 4 demo out, SGZ would have reported it already

  • Chivers Sang

    Is there going 2 be any trailer anytime soon ?

    • Saeko Busujima

      Most likely E3 is when we’ll see a new trailer & most likely a new demo build of the game on display, either a free battle build or up-to-date boss battle build. So just sit tight till then.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    Hah…Believe it.

    • Saeko Busujima

      Ehh.. I really hate Naruto & Sasuke.

  • TheGameTagerZ

    That’s not the HQ scan we made a mistake when editing.

    Also don’t expect scans from us for awhile possibly. Our provider hasn’t been able to get us scans as of late.

    • Saeko Busujima

      Thanks for the heads up, Also I might know someone with contacts that could translate future scans if you’re late. If it comes to it & if I can get a low quality scan translated I’ll be sure to let you guy’s know first so you can post to keep everyone up-to-date. But don’t hold me to my word, Its a big might but I’ll try my best if it comes to it.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Translation wise we’re fine. The HD scans are going to be an issue for some time.

        • Saeko Busujima

          I see, Well as long you’re able to translate the low quality scans I don’t mind waiting for HQ. I just like reading the text to see if there’s anything of importance.

  • Nera

    Madara’s staff missing its head ring lol.

    Thanks for finally being able to obtain this though SGZ, means a lot!

    • Saeko Busujima

      The complete Rikudou Madara has a shorter staff where incomplete Rikudou Madara Has one eye & a bigger staff, I don’t understand why when he gains more power the staff shortens. It’s just Naruto logic.

      • kotoam67

        You’re wrong. The “short” staff that Madara has after he absorbed the divine tree is simply his last Gudou-dama for which he changed the shape to battle against Naruto and Sasuke. He lost his 8 others Gudou-damas as well as his Rikudou “moon” staff during the fight against Gai.

        And so in the scan, the big picture of Madara is simply once he absorbed the divine tree and regained his second Rinnegan, with his last Gudou-dama transformed into a short staff, that’s completely matching the manga.

        The other picture of Madara in the middle down of the scan is not matching the manga because when Naruto and Sasuke battle against Madara, he has already lost his Rikudou “moon” staff and 8 of his Gudou-damas, and has also already absorbed the divine tree.

    • Byakuya

      No its not missing anything look this picture

  • The affect arround Naruto looks, from what I can see, better than Kurama Link Mode.

  • Ikki Minami

    Does anyone know if the new j stars will be on the PSN store for purchase or only physical copy for US PS4?

  • Kogure Yuuya

    Oh great. First more Obitos, then more Marths, and now more Madaras. Great…

    • J Walk

      Nothing says “wasted space” like the most powerful forms of two major villains.

  • AbdMin971

    His Limbo and Truth Seeking Balls somehow sound hentai as faq

  • Iván

    Maybe today we have V-Jump scan… 😀

  • son goku

    Why dont shonengame z post sny thing about super :-

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Because we update when we get scans.

      • son goku

        Oh i was wait for you guys to translate it