Naruto Storm 4 – E3 Trailer, New Battle System Shown


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  • kotoam67

    I just saw that the latest V-Jump issue would be released on June 20 in Japan. Do you think you’ll be able to get the scans from it before June 20 or is there going to be a delay because of your provider ?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We don’t have a date. That would be up to the provider. A couple of things have changed so now we aren’t sure of dates.

      • Iván

        I hope that today we have V-Jump scan… 😀

        • Saeko Busujima

          We will get one tomorrow if there is one, But SGZ don’t upload the low quality, They wait for high quality & get it translated for the best read. I’ll post the low quality scan here in the comments if it’s ok with @TheGameTagerZ

          • Iván

            Ok thanks! so is posible that we have two scan today.. V-Jump and Shonem Jump.

            Thanks for your work guys.

  • micheal johnson

    Finally some free battle gameplay, and it looks great. Glad to see the full body susannoo and the larger stage. I wish we would have seen some wall running but Hopefully it’s still in free battle. Also is there gonna be a demo at e3?

  • Naruto_2015

    I was hoping to see more of the new mechanics i.e wall running. is there no Vs match videos from E3?

    • Skorm94

      wall running will prob only be possible during certain boss fights

    • Wall running will probably be used in certain stages. Remember that Storm 1 was the same way. You could only do wall battles in the Chunin Exams stage, the Training Field, and if I remember correctly, the stage where the Sannin fought.
      Storm 4 will likely be the same way.
      And perhaps, since this is an early demo, they didn’t include it because they wanted to show off character damage, long-term effects of using certain Jutsu, and the Leader Swap mechanic.
      Plus, if you watch some of the gameplay on Youtube, you’ll see that this game finally supports rounds like traditional fighting games. This means battles will finally last longer than previous games.

  • Guardian Byakko

    Awesome trailer!

  • PurexedSolify ;

    Pretty sure that was the ending scene for when you win a battle.

  • Akirascreaming

    aaa where is environmental damage and wall fights ??

    • #Xbox Playstation

      CC2 -___-
      I think it’ll be only for boss fights

    • randy191993

      it’s just a early demo version… chill man.

    • It’s just a demo.
      The demo doesn’t even have Team Ultimate Jutsu, despite the fact that we know Naruto and Sasuke should have one, and Six Paths Obito and Madara should have one.
      This is just an early build of the game. Remember that when Generations was still in development, Part I Naruto had his Ultimate Jutsu from Storm 1, but in the final game, he received a completely new one.
      The demo demonstrates the Leader Swap mechanic and the character damage. Have you sees the effects of Madara’s Dragon Flame Singing Jutsu in gameplay videos on Youtube? His opponent will stay engulfed in flames when they’re hit. Plus, not only do you see Madara with some blood spots on his face, but you also see damage to the characters’ outfits, namely Sakura losing her headband and flak jacket, and Sasuke having tears in the sleeves of his shirt.
      Environmental damage should be shown in a later demo.

  • K’

    Nice to see that we still have the same maps since storm 1, no environmental damage so much for “taking advantage of next gen system capabilities”. I love how Sasuke gets yet another total revamp but I am sure 95% of other characters will copy and paste as usual. Great job CC2, I’m proud, so much for “EVO material”…

    • randy191993

      this is just a early demo…

      • Kaineph

        I hope that’s the reason for having Naruto god mode with the same ultimate that Naruto kyubi mode had in the last game :S
        PD: and the same awaking

        • randy191993

          Yeah me too. But i mean if they completely reworked Sasuke, then i bet Naruto will get the three-headed avatar mode as awakening and a fitting Ultimate.

          But i DO like the leadership changeing system and awakened support.

          • Kaineph

            Yeah, I see your point, I like that a lot too
            Also I’m waiting to see some enviromental damage and wall running in future demos

    • J Walk

      Same maps?… this is one stage. It doesn’t say anything.

      Sasuke got a revamp because he actually does more. Upgrading one character doesn’t mean that everyone else should. Also, why don’t you do some reearch of the time and cost of remaking every character. It’s an unrealistic expectation for the time they are working on this.

      I’m going to wait for more developed footage to judge on other aspects such as wall fighting and environmental damage, but neither of them have anything to do with this game being next gen.

    • Well, of course they’re going to have the same maps. Why would they remove any of them? There’s going to be new maps, obviously, but there’s no reason to get rid of any of the older ones.
      Madara and Sakura have copy/pasted movesets because they’re the Revolution variants. They were updated in Revolution, so their movesets are set.
      Six Paths Naruto having the same Ultimate and Awakening as Kurama Naruto is most likely because this is just an early build. Remember, that in early builds of Storm Generations, Part 1 Naruto had a sped-up variation of his Storm 1 finisher, but they changed it in the final game. This is likely going to be the same thing.
      As for Sasuke, you know Cc2 favors him over other characters. They couldn’t wait to show off his new moveset.
      But, you know, this trailer was just made to show of gameplay. So many fans have clamored to Namco and Cc2 to show free battle gameplay since we’ve been getting nothing but artwork scans, cinematic trailers, and boss battles. They finally delivered a gameplay video, and it does show off the capabilities of the current-gen systems.
      The battle movements flowed much quicker that Revolution, so that confirms a 60 fps frame rate. Also, they showed off the Leader Swap mechanic and that characters can take battle damaged in fights. Did you see how bloody Madara’s face was during his combo?
      Plus, the Hidden Leaf Village stage was not in Storm 1. Hidden Leaf Village didn’t become a stage until Storm 2.

      • EAwebs

        Actually, Sakura has a new moveset if you watch some gameplay on YouTube. Her awakening looks different however but has the same moveset.

        • Yeah, I said that before I watched her gameplay. I only assumed she had the same gameplay when I saw her Revolution Ultimate, but I was wrong.
          It’s awesome that they finally gave her a new moveset.
          Makes me wonder how many other characters might get new movesets.

  • AzIz

    Did you guys see Sasuke’s ultimate finish ? it’s funny lol they used a picture from the story mode cutscenes because the anime didn’t reach that form of Sasuke , they could’ve just make Studio Pierrot draw some pics for them , they made a lot of anime cutscenes in Revolution and Generation so that’s not a problem.

  • Saeko Busujima

    No scan this week.

    • Iván

      And V-Jump scan?

  • #Xbox Playstation

    Nah, Naruto God mode feels like downgraded Naruto even in his combos.
    Actually this game looks like sheet of paper… Naruto is like Call of Duty or Assassins creed. Not interesting at all

  • bleadze

    Who knows the date they coming out?

  • Redblur


    • Redblur


      • TheGameTagerZ

        Relax….when we get our scans we’ll take a look.

    • Seg


  • jonikon

    My Body IS Ready!

  • Saeko Busujima Here’s the V-Jump for those who want to see it. *edit* “Rikoudou Madara’s Ougi is 天涯流星 (Tengai Ryuusei – Meteors in the skyline), and his Ninjutsu is 万象黒引 (Banshou Ten’in, a technique in which a super attraction swallows deeply all things).” I also don’t take credit.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Well at least we know Naruto is in there. When we get our V-Jump we’ll give it a look.

      • Saeko Busujima

        Alright thanks! Take your time.

  • Flavio Sirasa

    The anime secret factors are terrible, should’ve been like Sasuke’s SF.

  • Has anyone seen the gameplay videos on Youtube?
    The game actually has Rounds like traditional fighting games rather than being the single fight-centric game it’s been for years.
    We’ll finally be able to beat down characters with our Awakenings, then finish them off with an Ultimate Jutsu without worrying about killing them before we can do both.