Latest Naruto Storm 4 Scan Features “Eight Gates” Might Guy In Action


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  • D Cole

    Thanks for the translation and I mean it but would it hurt to translate the attacks or like Moon’s Eye Plan into English? Not trying to say any thing bad but just asking.

    • Really depends on the preference of our translators.

      Sometimes we like to translate the attacks to english, but then Viz’ll change the attack name to something else, so we just try to go with something that’s universally understood.

  • TMedeiros

    8 Gates Guy is an awakening?

    • Saeko Busujima

      Yes, It would make no sense as a base character, But look forward to playing as him as a base character in story mode. After that he’ll be a awakening in free battle.

  • Why the hell does Six Paths Naruto have the Ultimate of his Bijuu Mode? I know it is a place holder as the demo showed that the voice effect is off and the mini flash back shows Bijuu Naruto instead of Six Paths Naruto.

    • berbo

      That’s what I want to know too. I hope that it is just a placeholder but why are they showing/confirming it as his ultimate in this scan?

  • Gamejtv


  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    According to the screenshots, Madara hasn’t absorbed the shinju but his character art says otherwise. I guess his absorbed shinju form is his awakening?

    • Saeko Busujima

      Shinju Madara is a base playable character & already confirmed so, You’re forgetting these are boss battle screenshots.

    • Bdock3601

      His ougi definitely has him in his shinju absorbed form

  • kotoam67

    Thanks for the HD scan guys. Aside from that scan, I’d like to ask something else. Can you confirm me that in this V-JUMP issue it is written that the PS4 game Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul will be released on September 25 in Japan ?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We don’t cover that game really, but yeah it’s in there. We’ll probably play it on release, but that’s it.

      • Saeko Busujima

        Question, Do you think we will still get weekly scans? Reason why I ask is because we’ve seen alot & I mean ALOT the past week, You think we might go a few weeks without news?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Are you asking in general or asking if we’re going to have more scan problems in the coming weeks?

          • Saeko Busujima

            I’m just asking in general on your thoughts. I’d like to have a 2nd opinion.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Probably we’ll be seeing two scans a month again for a little longer and then have a V-Jump recap with some small news.

              • Saeko Busujima

                That’s what I’m thinking, If we do get a scan this week it would just be a re-cap of what we see here. Then won’t see another scan till Kaguya is revealed in the anime, That’s what I think.

        • kotoam67

          Are you kidding ? The game is supposed to be released in Japan in September, and we haven’t gotten a lot of scans for Storm 4 on the JUMP, last scan on the Shounen JUMP was on June 4, so it’s highly possible that we get a scan on the JUMP this Thursday, CC2 has already been way too secretive for a game coming out very soon.

          Also, don’t forget the Japan Expo in Paris from July 2 to July 5, CC2 will be there showing Storm 4 (probably with a new trailer like they do it every year), they already announced it. The promotion of the game is just about to begin, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

          • Saeko Busujima

            The game does not have a release date yet, It’s only been said it will be out this fall, Most likely be out October or early November. Also we aren’t getting another trailer since we just got on at E3. If the game is there it will be the same demo & same trailer.

            And it’s most likely we might go a week or two without news since the news of storm 4 caught up to the anime & any more (characters) would spoil anime only viewers & they are trying to avoid that. So most likely the week (spoiler) Kaguya appears in the anime is when we get a new scan about her.

            If we do get a new scan this week it be a re-cap of what we see here, A scan about Guy vs Madara boss battle. Or if we are lucky they will spoil anime only views (yet again) & Show (spoiler) Kaguya playable, But I have a feeling she’s going to be one of the last characters revealed loser to the release date of the game.

            • kotoam67

              There are apparently a few things you are not aware of. I have not brought up Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul (a game that I don’t care about) randomly, that game is slated to be released AFTER Naruto Storm 4 in the Sony Japan lineup Spring-Summer ( ), so Storm 4 will be released in Japan before September 25, the release date of Soldiers’ Soul in Japan.

              Secondly, it’s not “if the game is there”, it’s the game will be there with a demo, Bandai announced it in France (Yes I’m french), and from what I have seen in the previous years, Hiroshi Matsuyama has always brought new stuffs in Paris about the Storm games.

              Also, the scans in the Shounen JUMP do not follow the anime, Sasuke Rinnegan and Rikudou Naruto were announced back in December 2014 in the JUMP, and we still hadn’t seen them in the anime, even now …. Same thing for the scans with Rikudou Madara and Gai, they are highly spoiling events of the anime that have not occured yet, so what you are saying about spoiling viewers does not make any sense, CC2 has proven many times to not care about the spoil since a long time ago.

              • Saeko Busujima

                Just because their going to show the game there does not mean its going to be released before September 25th… Also the game is following when characters get revealed, We got Obito (SOSP) then we seen Madara ( Six paths ) and now Guy (8 gates) Next will be Kaguya but we will most likely get a re-cap scan of Guy vs Madara boss fight or no scan at all till we see Kaguya in the anime.

                You can’t just say the game will be release before that date just because other games are likely to. It’s most likely coming out in October or November.

                Also I’m done with this conversation.

                • kotoam67

                  What are you talking about ? Have you even watched the video that I showed you about the Sony Japan lineup Spring-Summer ? That video has been made by Sony Japan, it’s official content. And in that video, they listed the games to be released in Japan during Spring – Summer (in which Storm 4 is included), and after that, they put a big “COMING NEXT” and brought up another list of games in which Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul is included. That is clearly an official proof that Naruto Storm 4 will be released BEFORE Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul, that’s pure logic, and if you can’t understand something so obvious, then it can’t be helped ……. Just watch the damn video because it feels like you have answered me without even reading anything I wrote.

                • kotoam67

                  lol you edited your post to say that you’re done with this conversation when I bring official and undeniable facts, you just proved to everyone here that you’re retarded, I can’t believe I wasted my time explaining something rational to someone like you.

                  • TheGameTagerZ

                    Okay you can stop now. There are plenty other anime sites that allow you to freely argue and call each other names. Not here though.

  • Saeko Busujima

    Thanks for the fast translation like always, Wonderful job.

  • Saeko Busujima

    I’m going to laugh if Naruto has the same ultimate as Rev Naruto. I’ll seriously end up cracking up & bursting out laughing.

    • Rich Homie Kwon

      He does. Theres gameplay of it on youtube already. CC2 is op.

      • Saeko Busujima

        People trying to say it’s a place holder, Which is why I’m hoping its not & he gets the same ultimate so I can laugh at the Naruto fans that wanted him to have a new ultimate.

  • LucsXIII

    That screenshot of naruto’s ultimate really raíses the question if it’s just a placeholder or not

  • Six Paths Madara looks like Raditz.
    Regular Madara looks like Raditz too, but now the hairstyle is on point.

  • I know this is kinda much to ask but, on the JP Storm Site, the character pages. Could you see if there is anything indicating new variants?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I don’t see anything that strikes out.

    • Saeko Busujima

      Can you give me the link to that site? It got deleted out of my book marks.