JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Second Trailer Released


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  • Sters

    I wanted this game to be a better All Star Battle with these new characters (even Speedwagon is fighting!)

    • Nothing can beat ASB!! Although this is looking interesting as the updates flow in!

  • AzIz

    ATM only one thing bothering me is the Finishers ( or whatever they called ) you know what i mean , plus the graphics looks like a PS2 game , everything else is great and better than ASB ( IMO ) considering i enjoy 3d games more..etc
    the characters are very unique and different from each others , as well as the stages
    i’ll pre-order the game week before the release if they don’t announce a western release .

  • AzIz

    DIO walking on the wall was awesome , death 13 as a stage gimmick ( in the official website ) , N’doul , Iggy flying above cairo ( also that awesome stage gimmick ! ) plus the water tower was also shown , a lot of awesome stuff ! they better not leave the other parts and focusing only on SC like this :p …

    • They won`t ;). Since SDC is now over they wanted to get SDC characters out, next we will finally get some GW & SO characters as there are a lot of characters to go through especially with GW!

  • Kurae

    Is this coming to the West?