New Dragon Ball Super Character Arts & More Revealed in V-Jump+

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  • Personally I feel like the name could be Champa, as a reference to Champagne (following the whole Alcohol motif for the gods) but until our translators tell otherwise (or more information drops) we’ll just follow their lead with Chanpa.

    • Akirascreaming

      meeehhhh the name could been better

    • Its Champa, I had Champa in mind writing it as its Champagne, but I must of pressed N thinking it was M while typing lol.

      • Ahh good to know. Everything else seemed pretty on point.

    • Ahtma

      I’m really loving the fact that they’re going with the alcohol naming scheme. My fan name for Champa was Martini, but I like Champa too.

      • Austin Myers

        Martin would have been a good fan name as well, in reference to martini

  • NZH97

    Thanks for the translation

  • Ahtma

    This seems pre-BoG, at the very least pre-RF.