Shonen Update – Scans, Tournaments, & Special Events!

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  • Kyuuki-san

    Ah awesome I definitely like the preview of the new design! Since I don’t live in New York (stay in Chicago) I definitely won’t make promises but if you guys can possibly do online tournies as well then I’ll without a doubt help out with that. Looking forward to seeing you guys on stream though!

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    You guys should stream it over Twitch since I live on the West Coast

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    I’d definitely go. I’m moving out of New York soon which sucks but I’ll still be able to come down here for these events and such.

  • STigersPrank

    I really hope this turns out good and grows into something as for now im a 18 year old dude living in germany, i cant simpley come over to you guys…i would like to but i think i cant :/
    Thanks none the less for the support over the years, you are insanely good at providing pregnant informations in a few sentences, overall the atmosphere i ls pretty good so i wont leave, but feel bad for not supporting u in our first big event :'(

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  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    What’s “EVO”?

    • Evo is a giant fighting game tournament that happens on the west coast every year.

      We’re trying to start something up way smaller than that, with the potential to grow. ShonenGameZ is the representative for the Anime Gaming portion of the event.

      • Ikki Minami

        I saw you guys were with at APEX this year why not try to get J-Stars vs+ at that being that it is a large event and you guys already have a sponsor/partnership?

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    Also, I’d rather not take you on in J-Stars Victory VS+, I’d rather team up with you.

  • older manga reader

    I’ll b there. I’m also an illustrator/concept artist if I can help the community with posters or whatever I’m down.heres a link to some
    Of my work

  • Ikki Minami

    I am from Minnesota and am visiting a bunch of friends in new york the day of the J stars release and I would love to see a tournament go down during that week (June 30th to the 7th of July) just saying if you guys did that I would try to get about 6+ friends minimum who are all big anime fans and APEX competitors to go with me to that. I know a couple of them would go all out to try to win at this tournament.

    Ideas I would love to see at the first tourney would be J stars Singles and Doubles events. Or even get everyone to sign up before hand as one of the playable characters and do an elimination tourney such as only one person can be luffy/naruto etc and when that person loses they and that character are out of that bracket.

    Well that is all I have on this topic I think it would be awesome to see but would be hard as I notice most people are not from New York (or even the US) and would be hard to set up a way for all to play. You could always do online tournaments and setup a tournament extension to your website where people participate and play each other online. The hard part of this is to keep everything civil and fair such as J-stars where some people may pick broken characters such as Vegeta and just spam to win and it would ruin it for everyone else.

  • You guys are lucky I can`t make it to the states for the tournaments, no one would survive against me in JoJo ASB ;D!

  • Garrett Roy

    I would love to participate in these events but I live all the way in California. It would be difficult for me to take time off of work to go to an event on the other side of the Country. Also, I really don’t have the money for it. If you guys had them all over the U.S. I might be able to attend the ones in my area. It’s a great idea but it would be difficult to get a lot of people out there. Maybe if you hosted some Online Events to build it up and get it more known it might work. I suggest starting small before you jump right into these major events. Maybe host a couple Online Events first before jumping into a LAN. Maybe host a few Online Qualifier that for the players that do well enough then you can fly them out and pay for a hotel or a place to stay during the event. Most people won’t be able to fly out to the event and pay for a hotel and another ticket back home. That’s a lot of money wasted for people who don’t have the money.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’ve done online tournaments before with Naruto Storm years back, but anyone can do an online tournament. There’s nothing better than when you have a physical presence.

      • Garrett Roy

        You have a point. I’m not saying that it will be impossible to get a bunch of people to show up, but I do think it will be difficult. I would love to compete but I don’t have the time or the money to go. I’m sure there are other people that also have this problem. It would be very cool though and I’ve always wanted people to host these kind of events. I hope it’s successful and will eventually have actual pros in different fighting games but I’m just saying that it will be a challenge.

  • Roopa Doopa

    I was the top ranked on the JJASB leaderboards for a while, Until I had to stop due to personal issues. Though It was fine as the online became a wasteland .. or so I heard.

    I also plan on getting rather good at J-stars, Though doubt I could make It all the way to new York on my budget. Hopefully there’s some good matches If’n you all actually stream matches, I know I will.

    Made an account here to keep up and support you all, This Is all super neato!

    • Kyuuki-san

      Yea in my case I made a twitter just to support them as well lol.

  • RuffyDragonGarp

    You guys really put your heart into it.

    I really would love to come to these tournaments with a lot of friends, but sadly i live in germany so that won’t work :/

    But you should record it and put the tournament online so we can watch how it was.

  • Nagi

    I honestly wish to have the physical tournament experience with you all but since I live in the UK that is currently not possible right now, but I will overall continue to support you all on your hard work and in spirit when it comes to the physical events and hope it will go well, until you guys one day cross the sea’s to the UK, hahahaha! And I will try my best to join your online tournaments too, I have J-STARS Victory VS+ for the PlayStation 4 so I’d love to do that at some point, I also have Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution on PlayStation 3 and plan to buy JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle soon, even if online is dead I hope this would get it back somehow. Like always ShonenGameZ thank you all for your hard work and continue to strive forward and grow even more!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We might do an online one for Storm 4 down the line when it’s out.

      • Nagi

        I’ll be happy to join it.