Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Coming To North America & Europe In October

In 3DS

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  • Kurae

    No Super Grand Battle…

    • Jmanforever23

      This. SGZ is really great with communicating our interests with Bandai and the press. May be a long shot but SGZ can you guys ask if SGBX will get localized if given the chance to ask them?

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I mentioned SGBX awhile back when it got first announced. I never really got an answer though. We pretty much couldn’t make it to any of the events the Japanese producer was at so we may not be able to get that question out.

    • Buru

      I know right? I was really hoping it would come to the west. Not that DBZ is bad but I personally, would have preferred SGBX but I guess One Piece isn’t that popular at all in the west.

    • Dan(Toriko)

      Strange they would bring pirate warriors 3 rather than SGBX. I though people from the west preferred fighting game?

  • Kongoh Bancho

    Play with Goku Super Saiyajin God Super Saiyajin : ↑X↓BAA←AA

  • I miss that classic DBZ style promo art. That new stuff is garbage if it isn’t Yamamuro’s drawings.