New Naruto Storm 4 Screenshots and Character Artwork Features Might Guy In His Eight Gates Form


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  • LucsXIII

    That Naruto ultimate screenshot raises the question even further if this is just a placeholder or one of his Ultimates

    • Could be both.
      Maybe, just maybe, Cc2 will go back to what they did in Ultimate Ninja 3 and let us choose our Ultimates. Revolution let us customize Ultimate Jutsu finishes, so it’s possible that they could let us choose our Ultimates.
      I don’t expect that to be the case, and I think this is either a placeholder or Six Paths Naruto will have two Ultimates..

      • LucsXIII

        I do think both he and Sasuke will have 2 Ultimates, this one being a placeholder or not, but it would be reeeally awesome if it was like Ultimate Ninja 3, customization is alway the better option when it comes to “special moves” in the naruto games. And you do have a point about the ultimate finishers being customizable, maybe they will amplify the customization of this kind of thing in the game

        • Yeah, and just think. If they went back to customizing Ultimates and took a note from Mortal Kombat’s book and introduced Variations, so many characters could be condensed into a single slot.
          The Narutos and Sasukes could be condensed to three slots:
          Part I Naruto (PTS Naruto)
          Shippuden Naruto (Shippuden, Sage Mode, Kage Summit, War, Kurama Link, Six Paths Sage Mode)
          The Last Naruto (The Last, Naruto Gaiden)

          Part I Sasuke (PTS Sasuke, Chinin Exams)
          Shippuden Sasuke (White Hebi Outfit, Gray Hebi Outfit, Akatsuki Cloak, Kage Summit, Storm 3 Moveset, Revolution Moveset, Rinnegan)
          The Last Sasuke (The Last, Naruto Gaiden)

      • swiss

        thats really odd if thats the way they want to show it(being able to choose ultimates) im leaning towards this is his UJ but im do hope he will have a new one because this is just lame, so much for a next gen naruto experience.

        • He should have a new one.
          He and Sasuke should both have two.
          I really don’t know why they’d recycle this one, but his other one should be the Twin Asura Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken.
          I really like Sasuke’s new Jutsu and I hope his second Ultimate is Indra’s Arrow.

    • Nagi

      I think because of the two new variations of Naruto and Sasuke it is 1 new ultimate each or something. This is just my theory but I think Naruto (Six Paths Sage Mode) will have and keep the same ultimate from his Kurama Link Mode version. While his THE LAST version will have a new ultimate.
      Sasuke (Rinnegan) will have a new ultimate as we’ve seen, but THE LAST Sasuke will keep his Rinnegan variant ultimate. This is all just my theory though but it could be the case.