JoJo Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Adds Pet Shop & Lisa Lisa


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  • Vinicius Oliveira

    quando vi que teria um sistema de voo no jogo eu sabia que teria o pet shop no jogo também

    (when I saw that had a flight system in the game I knew I had the pet shop in the game too)

  • AzIz

    That’s great and all , but please let Vanilla Ice and DIO be the last part 3 characters-_-” we need to move on

    • I`m pretty sure they were. I called Pet Shop as soon as the first demo hit and the fact they will clearly use ASB characters for their assets Dio + Vanilla Ice will most probably be the final 2).
      Also since Lisa Lisa is the final character to show for Part 2 as well.

  • CynderBlaze


    • AzIz

      NO! that’s enough for part 3 …

      • CynderBlaze

        kk. XD

    • Yotomoe

      Midler strikes me as more of a stage hazard type character.

      • CynderBlaze

        yeah i could actually see tht

  • Dhragen

    It’s awesome to see Pet Shop again since Heritage of the Future, great stuff, only Vanilla Ice and Dio to cover part 3 (but a part of me wanted Alessi, for all the de-aging and the easter eggs that it could bring, heh).

    BTW guys, you guys will update the newest trailer of Saint Seiya Soldier Soul, or..even care about it?? D:

  • Kurae

    What about Hol Horse & Vanilla Ice?

    • AzIz

      Hol Horse is already confirmed lol , i guess Vanilla Ice and DIO are the next characters to reveal and the last from part 3.