ShonenGameZ Presents: Tenkai – The Fighting Event for Gamers

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  • Jmanforever23

    This sounds amazing!! Will the venues be in NJ Or NY cause I’d love to go to this. I might not be the best storm player but I definitely can hold my own in Xenoverse, JoJo and Especially Jstars!

    • The Venues for the Foreseeable future will be in NYC. We’ll be holding the first one at a venue near 34th street. We’re getting all of our details confirmed still so we’re waiting before starting sign ups or dropping more info.

      • Jmanforever23

        Oh man that’s perfect. I know this is ahead but will we be only playing localized versions or we will be playing some import only games as well like some great Ps2 Japanese exclusives? And it may be ahead but since Jstars is 2v2 how would that work and would I be able to sign up with a partner?

        • You can do J-Stars 1 Vs 1 with private slots.

          Japanese imports is something we’d have to look into in the future, would probably be done if we have a game before it comes out in the US like we did with Xenoverse.

          We’re willing to try things though. Storm 1, .Hack VS, right now since its the first event we’re doing J-Stars for our fans, and MKX, SSF4 and maybe Marvel for the other guys.

          We played with doing storm, but our only good prizes for Storm are going to be saved for the Storm tournament later this year.

          • Jmanforever23

            Um did they put that in Vs+ cause there’s no possible way to do 1v1 in the Japanese release. Private slots just put a CPU on your team and that’s even worse. I think a 2v2 tourney would be a lot more fun

            • You can more or less ignore the CPU since they aren’t ever as good as real players.

              IIRC there is an option to do 1 on 1 though.

              • Sleepingdragon55

                Yeah you can play 1vs1 in the original version at least. You just press triangle on the slots you dont want to use.

                • Jmanforever23

                  Oh lol the offline 1v1 is cool but 2v2 would be a lot more fun

  • Ahtma

    Oh man, this sounds sick. If I wasn’t all the way on the west coast I’d be a part of this for sure.

  • Carmen Mancini

    so when are sign ups going to be and can you pay at the door since this is next week and i wont be able to pay til next friday also what consoles are being played on and if i dont have a ps4 controller will one be provided (kinda makes or breaks weather i go)