ShonenGameZ: J-Stars Victory Vs+ Interview With Koji Nakajima


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  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Nice logo!!!

  • nice

    Nice nice gomu gomu no nice

  • Gray Aria

    Asked some good questions there. It’s too bad they never localized Super Grand Battle X. It’s especially sad since unlike JUS, the game has region protection so I won’t be able to import it.

    • It is a shame GBX didn’t get an English release. I believe Koji Nakajima mentioned around the time of Unlimited World Red’s release they hoped to make a newer OP fighting game. So maybe they have other plans oin the works?

      • Jmanforever23

        I’m pretty sure SBGX was that new OP fighting game. I don’t mind importing but 3DS is region locked. Damn shame cause SBGX is what I’ve been waiting for since Gigant Battle 2.

        • I wasn’t SGBX because he talked about making a OP game that fully implemented the use of Devil Fruits and control over Haki.

  • roronoa zoro

    What about dlc

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Read the first paragraph.

      • roronoa zoro

        Yeah I know but I’m just saying

        • Scott Baker

          if there was going to be dlc they would have made dlc when game came out in japan and since they did not then thats a no to us as well

      • roronoa zoro

        I would like to see zoro and itachi

  • Kiera

    Thank you for the Interview 🙂

  • How did they contact him?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’re press lol…we’re not just some blog or anything.

  • D Cole

    Should have asked the oaf why did he/ they make Allen Walker a support character

    • TheGameTagerZ

      They don’t answer questions like that. I had a lot more questions, but those are the only questions they were able to answer for me.

    • Hentailover

      You could easily research that and find out how Allen being in the game at all is a bit of a miracle.

  • Quebaz

    Now make a sequel in 2019 with all the characters from the DS games and a combat system closer to Gundam Extreme VS and it will be the best anime game ever.

  • Jmanforever23

    Awesome interview, a lot of insight but it’s a shame he dodged alot of your good questions. I always wanted to know what was up with those files found awhile back for Jotaro, DIO, Yoh and Dai. Especially because Sergio showed us that Jotaros moveset had alot of work done on it. Even if they were DLC I’d buy them in a heartbeat.