Naruto Storm 4 – Kaguya Boss Battle & Dimension Changing in New Scan


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  • Hentailover

    “Be the first to comment.”

  • kotoam67

    A new scan truly useless from CC2 part …

  • Kurae

    Any Jojo?

    • TheGameTagerZ


    • viaxon6 .

      JoJo scans come once a month, because Jump is weekly magazine, and Ultra Jump is monthly.

      • Kurae

        I see. Makes sense.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Yes and no. The main news has been coming to weekly jump and almost always vjump. They just choose when they wanna post them.

  • Final Fantasy 7 Fan Boy

    Well…At least we know Kaguya can change the battle stage area. That’s good news.

  • Zero

    The way her and Madara’s awakenings works…you’d think they would have implemented a multiple jutsu system by now smh


    awesome lol hoping for SPOILERR kakashi susano’o next =D

  • Rich Homie Kwon

    Howcome the updates show up on the homepage like 3 days later for me?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Clear your cache

  • Holo the Wise Wolf

    Thanks for the scan so early in the morning, You always keeping up with the news. Keep up the good work!

  • Danbito

    Are we getting the Gravity dimension? At least we get confirmation that she has her Ash Killing Bones

  • Awesome Translation guys!

  • Zangetsu Hollow

    Where is Kakashi with Double Mangekyo Sharingan + Rikudo Chakra? He basically changed the battle against Kaguya

    • He should be the next reveal.
      They’ve revealed characters pretty much in chronological order (except the new Naruto and Sasuke, but anyway).
      1. Rin & Zetsu Obito
      2. Jinchuriki Obito
      3. Jinchuriki Madara
      4. Red Beast Guy
      5. Kaguya (+Boruto and Sarada)

      So, Double Sharingan Kakashi should be next, along with, potentially, White-Haired Obito with both Sharingan.

      Let’s see. If they plan to continue adding characters we’ve never seen fight, we could also end up seeing Asura and Indra Otsusuki…and perhaps during the boss battle against Kaguya we’ll get to experience a flashback of Hagoromo and Hamura vs their mother.

      And we might we get “Tobi” Zetsu Yamato too. (I can’t remember his real name..Guruguru or something like that…it’s a strange name..)

      And with the leader swap feature, it’s highly likely that support only characters will be made playable. They may not, so don’t get your hopes up, but there’s still a chance

  • Man, Kaguya can change the stage?
    This is groundbreaking.
    Also, does anyone watch ShikasClouds on Youtube?
    He’s been doing a lot of Naruto videos and he’s noticed some new elemental features, like water Jutsu being stronger when near water, and lightning Jutsu having more range when it hits water, etc.
    From one perspective, one might think that this game is no different from Revolution, but Cc2 is truly taking advantage of the new hardware that PS4 and Xbone possess.
    It retains the same gameplay as past Storm games, but even the minor details have evolved this game since Revolution.
    And the fact that the game now has armor breaks and multiple rounds to a match, like a traditional fighting game? This is going to be the best Naruto game to date

    • James Battistella

      we hope that this is so especially from the point of view of the story mode and boss- battle

  • Did they stop publishing Shonen Jump in the US?
    I miss getting these and seeing the latest video game news in English.
    The last Shonen Jump magazine I bought had Cross Epoch in it. I think it was 2010/2011?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Shonen Jump has been gone for years and is digital only now, there’s no game ads on it though I don’t think.