Naruto Storm 4 – J-Patrol Interview at Japan Expo


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  • Does it bother anyone else that they talk like the game is not even semi-complete.

    • Nope. They have 2 – 3 months left. Sounds like enough time to wrap things up.

    • Bdock3601

      kinda, they act like we don’t know how far along in development they are

  • Holo the Wise Wolf

    I find it funny how people was asking to see ultimate’s they already seen. They asked for Sakura when she has the same ultimate from Revolution then ask to see Obito’s when he did it early in the video. *Face palm* And what he said when he was saying if they do DLC it will be different from storm 3 & Rev, Hmm small chance they would be thinking of character DLC? It could be easier since it’s on the new gen systems. We’ll have to wait and see won’t we.

  • K’

    Did he just unintentionally confirm that wall running is only for story mode? If so well done the more I find out about this game the less I’m interested

    • Ahtma

      They’ve always said they weren’t sure if they were going to implement it for free battle unless they could balance it for online play.

  • Holo the Wise Wolf

    Would it be possible to make a disqus post for off topic comments to make the site more active and lively? So when new’s does come out it’s more likely they could be more talk about the information released. Maybe have it on the home page at the bottom.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Not enough people come here for something like that. Usually the home of the off-topic discussion has been S.I

      • Lunos

        Sure it is..
        Everyone there trying to be an Anime/Manga character with some weird writing style and such doing, in majority, senseless comments that usually aren’t even related with the notice they’re commenting from..
        I prefer this page in that point, a low amount of comments but which at least are On-Topic x.x …

        • Guardian Byakko

          Gotta agree with you.

      • Holo the Wise Wolf

        I just dislike SI & Would love if this place was more active so I could have a better experience talking about the latest new’s I have a interest in, & I just thought something like an off topic disqus chat could of brought more people here.

  • Andreas Aigalew

    Why is everyone complaining about re-used UJ when characters like Sakura and Gunbai Madara just got a new one? I mean… more than half of Storm 3’s roster was the same as Generations and no one complained about it then.