Naruto Storm 4 – New V-Jump Scan Details Triple Awakenings, Kaguya’s Dimension Technique


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  • Bdock3601

    Well thanks for the translation. I guess this is the “kaguya playable” scan for v jump

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Took us too long we dealt with hell after we crashed.

  • LucsXIII

    Thanks for the awesome and fast work!

  • I was excited when I read “Triple Awakenings”, until I saw that it just mean all three teammates can awaken.
    I’m still excited for this game either way. though.
    Kaguya is going to be amazing, and these new features are awesome!

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    So when I awaken while the storm gauge is not at max only the leader will awaken? The supports will remain normal?

    • lamilton teashawn


  • Talha ❤ Jane the killer

    wow cool

  • |*゚✲*☆Grimmjow*゚✲*☆| Killua

    Thanks for Translation SG

  • Thank you for all your hard work guys.

    Can’t wait to see what new scan they plan on doing in 2 weeks time.

    • Talha ❤ Jane the killer

      i think i want to see a toneri scan

  • kotoam67

    Do you guys also have the new WSJ issue ? Just want to know if there is a Storm 4 scan in it.

    Edit : Nevermind, I got my answer, there is a Storm 4 scan in the new WSJ issue, but it is the same than the one from the V-JUMP regarding the triple awakenings …….

  • Sasori

    She’s totally savage indeed!

  • Sasori

    “Unleash large scaled ninjutsu” – Shows sakura

    • Holo the Wise Wolf

      Hating on Sakura? You’re sexiest! Lol, Just kidding.

      • Sasori

        ik im sexiest ;D

  • Holo the Wise Wolf

    Off topic somewhat but…

    I really hate how my Ebgames is not showing the pre-order bonus and not even updating the website.

    My ebgames.
    US ebgames.

    They keeping their site updated while my ebgames leaving everyone in the dark. It really annoys me.Does any one know if Candain Ebgames get’s the same stuff as US gamestop? Or if need me will Canada ebgames ship a pre ordered game from US game stop.

  • Holo the Wise Wolf