Boruto: Naruto The Movie – Brand New Poster in V-Jump

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  • oaktree123

    So Kishi you do remember that Naruto has a daughter too, right? Because I’m seriously starting to think you forgot.

    • PurexedSolify ;

      Boruto is older plus he holds a grudge toward his father and the Hokage, much like Naruto when he was that age.

      Himawari is still too young to be a ninja and I’m pretty sure she loves her father.

      • oaktree123

        Naruto, never had a grudge against the Hokage or his father and Himawari is only 3 inches shorter than Bolt and 1 year older than Kakashi when he became a ninja, so being young isn’t much of an excuse.
        Why bother giving Naruto (the main character) 2 kids if you aren’t even going to do much or even show much of one of them. Kishi is just wasting a character.

        • Scott Baker

          not all charactors are going to be ninja she resembles what they worked for a someone to live in peace with out the want to be ninja. and naruto is happy in her innocence because. i think it would destroy her charactor other wise

          • oaktree123

            It’s not the fact that she isn’t a ninja it’s more the fact that she barely has any showings despite being one of Naruto’s kids. It’s always Naruto and Bolt, Kishi has yet to show or draw Naruto interacting with Himawari. So why bother making her character just give Naruto one kid.

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        I believe he hates the hokage because his father’s too focused on his job to be able to spend time with him.

        I don’t think he hates his father though.

    • She does have an official movie artwork somewhere on the internet.

  • Ringo de Kroon

    kish promesed the 3th duaghter , i hope series goes on 🙂

  • sasukinhi12

    coul someone show e the original image with the original translation ? (in JP)

    • kotoam67

      They have already said many times before that they don’t release raws of scans.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    I’m just wonder what the reasoning is from V-JUMP, or Shueisha, or whoever made this in the mangazine, what they were trying to tell us we haven’t already seen 20 times. Yes, nice visuals. But they don’t really catch my attention that much.

  • VavaVoom

    Is Shinki (the sand kid) really Kankuro’s son???