Boruto: Naruto The Movie – Heroes, Villains, and Children Get A Focus In This New Scan

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  • AzIz

    Can’t Kishi have more creativity with these kids , it’s just like a younger version of the parents after doing the Fusion Dance lol

    • Ñëõn Błøodlúst

      These guys aren’t going to be spinning off into a series as big as Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, so I guess that explains why Inojin looks like he does.

      • AzIz

        I’m still not sure if that’s a boy or a girl lol , seeing the lazy design.. it should be a girl , maybe a trap ? XD

        • lamilton teashawn

          lmao a trap

        • Talha ❤ Jane the killer

          its definately a boy because his voice actor is a male ….although he dose look ino herself

    • MisterFive59

      Shinki, Cho-Cho, Yurui, and Sarada looks fine…at least they look kind of different from their parents. Boruto looks like a “create your character.” Kid Naruto’s face with just a different hairstyle and outfit.

    • PurexedSolify ;

      You people never appreciate what you get.

    • y202jkdc

      That’s what mainly kids are. A reflection of one or both parents. It’s science, not Kishi and it makes very good logical sense. I understand what your point is though. You want some freshly brand new characters and I can dig it

  • Ariel Bzdil

    Wait, where does it say shiki and yurui are their sons? All it says is they are from the different villages.

    • AzIz

      Hey , are you kidding ? you can’t tell that even with these designs lmao.
      yes they don’t have to say it.

      • Talha ❤ Jane the killer

        i think its possible that shiki might be kankaroo’s son …that other kid not so much bee was already 35 in shippuden so he should be like in his early 50’s by now its not possible that he got married

      • fangirlingtothemax

        Sarada Uchiha resembled Karin at some point before. Just the same as Rock Lee and Guy.

  • Wait you mean Momoshiki has a TRUE form?

    • konoha Seven

      When he see naruto an Sasuke unique an powerupmto power an infusion there chakra to bring out hagamoro’s chakra.. Momoshiki get mad an veins show signs of the byakugan appear an he morphed into an giant hoping an smashing around.. Just to get beaten at the true from bunny safe mode lol..

  • konoha Seven

    Some mistranslation in the article .. Minor.. Yuru.. Coming from the mist, as it should be the village of the cloud.. Some other section.. No big deal.

    Thank for the translation…

  • Robby Barrows

    …you sure Shinki and Yurui are Kankuro and Bee’s sons? Do you have a secondary source of that?

    • Ahtma

      List of people that have a connection to the 8 Tails that are blonde, canon, and are not Bee:

      List of people that are puppet users and have face markings that are not Kankuro:

      • Robby Barrows

        …that’s not enough. For all you know, they could be Bee’s and Kankuro’s students.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Well common sense would show that most of these kids have parents from the previous generation. It (almost painfully) obviously shows who’s the parent for who.

          If they were students the scan would have definitely separated them.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Surprised to see S.I regulars here. Don’t get that too often.

        • Ahtma

          I actually come here quite a lot, I just use SI as a chatroom. Also, lol, you guys are miles ahead of SI at the moment in terms of news deliverance.

      • Fangirlingtothemax

        I desperately wish that what your saying is true. I’m a huge fan of Gaara, and it would kill me if in the end, Shiki, would turn out to be Gaara’s and not Kankuro’s kid after all. Kishimoto (or the other writers) has a twisted way of firing and twisting the plots. Even Sarada Uchiha resembled Karin a lot, but still, she’s Sakura’s. 🙁

  • sirckh

    Are there any supporting links that can support this claim?? (Kankuro = Shinki and Yurui = Killer Bee’s children?) I’ve been looking everywhere, unfortunately, this website/article is the ONLY ONE which says so…

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    Yurui is from the Hidden Cloud, not the Hidden Mist. That’s an error.

  • 15yearsofgaara

    Someone should really put this post down before this site loses its credibility. Shinki (skeleton kid, or the so-called ‘son of kankuro’) is Gaara’s son.

    • TheGameTagerZ


    • Throw a source our way.

      Also, all of the children look like their parents did the fusion dance and shrunk down to an earlier age. That’s the motif that Kishi has been going with for all of the characters, it was an educated assumption made on all of the available information, along with the fact that he’s a puppet master.

      Would like to see a source though.

    • 15yearsofgaara

      Read Gaara Hiden and all other arguments found on Tumblr. Consider these two tho : 1) The naming parallel in Boruto and 2) Gaara’s newly inherited skill from his father…. and also, Shijima. there ya go.

      • 15yearsofgaara

        All these info continue to circulate on tumblr. BUT none has been confirmed yet. Even the Boruto movie data book (Zai No Sho) doesn’t say much about Gaara being Shinki’s father, at all. Just that they had a similar appearance, that’s all. So as Darui’s origins…