ICCarddass Dragon Ball Card Game Coming to PC/Mobile (Update)


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  • P Gilz

    Oh my god! O_O

    Do you think this will come to Steam/US?

    • MyCaruba

      I hope so, if not we can spam them till they do bring it!

      • lewis beechey

        Worked for J-stars!

  • name

    where is the word “coming to pc” ??
    do not lie.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Connect to your computer, smartphone and tablet it says it on the first scan dude.

    • We’re a good source for scans. I’m not sure why people would assume that we’re lying when we’re a major news site lol.

  • Well the GDM3 anime trailer is coming out very soon so hope you guys enjoy it lol.

  • David Andrew Challoner

    can anyone tell me what is dragon ball heroes ultimate mission 2 ver.1.5

    • Robert Hendrie

      It’s one of the many updates to Dragon Ball Heroes games.

      • David Andrew Challoner

        thank u so do u know what on this update plz

        • David Andrew Challoner

          and wen the next update out

  • Lunos

    Really? T_T .. i was waiting for a Zenkai Battle Royale Port t_t …

  • older manga reader

    Limit bread lol, just small typo guys

  • Gamejtv

    Oh… ok… I was expecting something else but this is fine. For now.

    • You want more than just Limit Bread?

      • Hagaren

        Unlimited Bread Works, of course.

  • Hagaren

    That….That’s not Zenkai Battle Royale….

  • Naruffy-Kun

    This needs a western release. No more excuses of it being a arcade machine, this can be fully ported to other countries, and oh would it sell. The nostalgia of YuGiOh mixed with the nostalgia of DBZ is a force to be reckoned with.