V-Jump Magazine Reveals Super Mira and His Special Abilities

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  • Cev256

    Xenoverse 2 anyone?

    • Akirascreaming

      No thanks

      • Cev256

        I’m not asking who wants it I’m just saying that this will help probably be miras new form in xenoverse 2 since they set it up for towa and Mira to come back at the end

        • AzIz

          IDK. Heroes always have transformations like this , it’s not only Miira…

          • son goku

            Ssj3 bradock was just showen

    • P Gilz

      It’s going to happen.

    • Gabriel Ramon

      I think he’II appear in xenoverse 2 or the next DB game.

    • If Xenoverse 2 comes out i won’t buy it because the 1st one was boring after 1 month . (i never played it again)

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    Oh god…

  • bleadze

    Okay I understand that Mira has their ability but this is a joke I’d have rather had baby…. Please a tenkaichi roster that’s the only way I’ll consider a xenoverse 2

    • Vergil

      Let’s be honest right now bruh. How many char. did you actually use when tenkaichi 3 came out? You would be in denial if you say: ”Everybody” because most people used the main cast anyway. The ”Copy & Paste” method doesn’t work anymore. Even Mortal Kombat walked away from it in their latest game.

      • bleadze

        I actually did use every body apart from the female characters, me and a group of my mates on the school track team would come to my house and we’d play tournaments and every time the game over you wasn’t allowed to use the same characters, I don’t have to lie about it I loved tenkaichi and made sure I used every characters so I could record the finishing moves on my phone and show off with it lool, it’s a casual fan that just picks only the main characters, just like on xenoverse I play online and have used every single player apart from android 18, and videl they good just too feminine for my taste

        • Scott Baker

          “we use everyony apart from females” so you did not play every character his point is more valiad then yours also gt is crap so id rather they remove that cancer from all the future games mk bye

          • Rich Homie Kwon

            Stop trying to be a smartass

          • mosdra

            that is ur opinion alot of people like gt character u probably only use mr satan or dragonball characters

    • Ahtma

      We’re probably not going to get on the level of a Tenkaichi roster again because it takes much more time to model and animate characters than it did in the PS2 era.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      A tenkaichi roster means different variation of clones which no one at this day and age wants. It was okay back in like 2007, but that’s considered lazy now.

  • Awesome! I love his design!

  • DeathPointZ

    Well looks like Mira is ready for another rematch. Bring it on!

  • Jordan Maurice

    I took mira down once and im already a saiyan how strong is this super mira I took him down as at super saiyan 2 and that was to give him the honor of having my full power

  • British_Otaku

    Sounds stupid and never liked his design/concept (though I haven’t played Xenoverse). Still likely to be visually interesting or mechanically interesting in Heroes… I guess that’s what matters.

  • Last Gary

    Well that makes the fights against giants easier.
    Hopefully a DBHUM3 comes out soon so we can have this.