Boruto: Naruto The Movie English Subbed TV Spot Teases Mitsuki’s Parents & Boruto’s Gentle Fist

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  • Griffon

    He’s Orochimaru and kabutos love child ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Akirascreaming


  • Akirascreaming

    looks good

  • I think he is Toneri’s kid.

    • SaviorOfTheWorld

      Why would Boruto react to the name Toneri? I doubt his father told him about some random enemy who kidnapped his aunt and almost married his mom.

      • His father won’t say it but what about Hinata(who was most affected by the situation)?

        • SaviorOfTheWorld

          I highly doubt that. I think people see Mitsuki’s white hair and pale skin and automatically assume toneri. He probably inherited both those traits from both parents.

          • Other than the fact his name itself is a hint. MiTSUKI.

            • SaviorOfTheWorld

              With thal level of gullibility, I’m sure you were one of the people to believe Karin was Sarada’s mother…

              • Scott Baker

                rember Toneri tried to redeem him self also. it said he is a ninja from another village and toneri stated he would not leave the moon that he would stay to insure it never feel.

                so how would he exactly have exactly done it?

              • Final Fantasy 7 Fan Boy

                LOL! He was.

                • Delvin Pitts


                • Delvin Pitts

                  I’m pretty sure naruto is going to survive, the sene was probably the moment were boruto comes in and shows off his powers

      • Suzaku

        Why wouldn’t he? That’s the story of how Naruto and Hinata fell in love.

        • And Naruto wanted to find out the same fact from his mother as well.

        • SaviorOfTheWorld

          I’m pretty sure they would leave out the tale of the madman who tried to drop the moon on Earth. Let’s wait until the movie release. Im sure his parent isnt the most obvious choice.

    • EdwardKenway

      Its not. His parents are said to be respected ninja and that he was born in another village. So unless Toneri became famous and joined another village it can’t be him.

      Besides he said he was staying on the moon anyways.

    • jacob van

      me to

  • Remix Koetsu

    Stretching? Like…Orochimaru?

  • Haha, the thumb nail made me laugh. Not the video, the thing you click for the post. I might be using the wrong term… Either way, Boruto, Sarada, Naruto, and Sasuke in a movie theater is hilarious.

  • MisterFive59

    Naruto: Baruto, I want you to meet your grandparents…Kabuto, do that thingy.

  • Hagoromo Otsutsuki

    Naruto Storm 4 Scan this week?

  • funnymitchell

    ”Boruto’s Gentle >>First”<< ;-;

    please change it X_x

  • hey SG, any storm 4 scan today?

  • AzIz

    I just watched THE LAST and it was boring to death -_- , this movie looks interesting and funny at least ( except the new stupid Otsutsuki villains ) honestly it’d be better if it was a movie about Chunin exam and some serious missions like Zabuza’s …oh i feel like watching some of the 1st part again …

  • Chia Den
  • Chia Den