Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Adds Shigechi, Kira and Otoishi, News On Story Coming Next Issue


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  • AzIz

    I just can’t stop playing the demo :p 1st demo was boring but they fixed almost all the bad things in the 1st demo and we still can send feedback ( yes they take it seriously)

  • P*$$4 $UcK3r

    I hope they add part 3 Dio he was always my fav so was johnny and giovanna

    • AzIz

      Of course they’ll add him lol they added Mariah , Petshop and N’Doul , how can they left the main villain of the part ? And i’m pretty sure they’ll add all main protagonists and antagonists …

    • We will indeed get Dio, I`m pretty sure they will release him alongside another boss character (most probably Pucchi).

  • viaxon6 .

    Just get to the part 5 characters already…

    • Part 1 and 2 are done (unless they throw Bradford or Tarkus as a new character randomly), 3 has Dio left, 4 still has a few characters, but I believe that 5-7 will have characters mixed around for the next couple of scans (although Story Mode is getting more focus in 2 weeks)

      • MT-1995

        Don’t forget vanilla ice from part 3 too

        • Ahh yes Vanilla Ice is in. I can see him being alongside Dio, although I think they may begin to mix characters left over like they did for the end of ASB`s scans.

          • MT-1995

            I don’t know about ASB, Because i became a jojo fan after it was released 😂

  • Hagaren

    How the heck did Shigechi and Akira get revealed before Okuyasu or Rohan….
    Oh well, either way it seems like the game will have a quite big roster, which is great!
    We’re not even at the Part V, VI, VII and VIII characters and there’s like 30 or so characters already revealed.

    • Shigechi is a fan favourite, Otoishi is a weird one though (he does not have a big fanbase at all here in Japan… lol), Rohan is a loved character so he`ll come later and Okuyasu will have a more in-depth battle system compared to most Diamond characters that have been shown.
      This is going to be a massive roster, this is gonna be tight!

      • Hagaren

        Yeah, the roster will surely be great!
        Shigechi’s a fan-favorite, really? I can’t stand him and I’ve seen a lot of other folks say they didn’t like him. But whatever, I obviously don’t mind him being in the game.
        The more characters the better. 🙂

        • Yeah he is loved here in Japan. Just because he is adorable and even though he`s a high schooler he talks and acts like he`s about 5 lol.
          I personally have a love/meh relationship with him but he is adorable <3.
          Yeah we will have SO many more characters, especially a lot more new characters.

  • Rich Homie Kwon

    Why are they hiding part 3 dio lol

  • AzIz

    It’s been 2 weeks now