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  • When are you guys going to get the Boruto Movie new scan: Boruto vs Shikadai?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Unrelated to this article, but to answer your question we don’t have that scan. If it hasn’t been posted by now it means we didn’t get it.

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    Great game i love it thanks for this

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    How do u get 4 or 5 stars cards?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You have to use your spheres at the shop.

    • Achned Walters

      Use the card radar

    • Use 25 (top right colourful orbs) souls to use the Gatcha and its random between Normal (3 stars), Rare (4 stars), Super Rare (5 stars) and more!

      • Steed

        Just wondering what those tickets at the top left do. I think they let you play missions (correct me if im wrong), but how do you get more of them, should they run out? Another question, is it worth spending all your orbs on the gatcha thing or saving up for specials and such?

        • The tickets are for Battle Mode. When you want to fight against others it costs one ticket. Well for any game similar to this I spend them all (especially if you get the pre-registration bonus`) until you get a super rare which are always stronger by far then gain more and more and mix between what you want, although you can only have around 60 chars in total.

          • Steed

            Ah, thanks a lot! I got captain ukitake and i still have about 39 left, so i think that might be good for now. Anywho, thanks for the info.

  • Trulynd Hall

    How do i make my 2 star into a 3 star. I guess the real question is how do I evolve?

    What are those hearts used for, you get them from allies and stuff. I understand the concept but i don’t understand what they are for…

    • Those are Friend Points. You use them to purchase “Experience Boosters”, which do as they say, boost the XP you gain per battle/fight, temporary.

  • Dante

    The Game isn’t available in my country… There is another way to download it?

    • wxcwxc

      Dowload the game from aPKPure

  • Francesco Esposito

    How i can get hitsugaya? I’ve done the pre release campaing and i’ve got a mail but how i can unlock him?

    • In your mail you should`ve received 2 codes (just a bunch of numbers and letters), type one in for a bunch of souls and the other one for a rare Hitsugaya.
      On the main menu go to the settings (the gear symbol) and click on the 3 menu down on the right (Serial Code) with the present and the key.
      On the drop down menu click on ”事前登録キャンペーン” and add in the top code in your email and click on the bottom right blue button ”送信する” Then on the 2nd drop down which says ”事前登録BLEACH検定/シェア” add the bottom code in your email and confirm again.
      Hope that helped :).

      • Francesco Esposito

        Thanks a lot

  • Mr.Uchiaa

    When can we expect an english version of the game?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Probably never.

      • RedDragon10

        You never know with the recently released Dokkan Battle and Treasure Cruise global versions

        • TheGameTagerZ

          We knew since the Japanese version was announced that the game was going to be localized. One Piece was surprising. I guess who knows, but I find Bleach to be unlikely.

          • TheUnBiasedOne

            Well it took 9 months for the one piece app to get released in america. How long has it been since the release of the Bleach app??

        • But come on ^^ Dragon Ball and One Piece are very famous in for example europe. But Bleach was never showed on tv in many countries

          • xSorrow123

            Sure is weird if you consider the fact that Bleach is better than OnePiece

      • Mr.Uchiaa

        Damn it, I was expecting it was a timed worldwide release

  • Sleepingdragon55

    Where is the edit and strengthen menu? those could surely come in handy lol

    • shigdigster

      Seconding this

    • The Edit/Strengthen menu is on the bottom left where you see Ichigo/Rukia and Orihime. Tap on that then what character you want to strengthen, the bottom left on the character screen with the gems are strengthen your character, center is extending your level cap and the bottom right is Character Link (where you can add a character you own and link them to give that character a boost in certain ways).

  • けん?

    is there any way to make my 4 star to 5 star?

    • Only way to obtain 5 stars are to use the Gacha. You can only strengthen characters with Souls not make them rare.

      • miHeroM8

        Sorry, fairly new to the game… not sure what the “Gacha” is that you’re talking about.

        • Gacha is the system where you spend in-game Items (forgot what it was for Brave Souls) to unlock new characters. Hope that helps!

          • miHeroM8

            Hi SteelBallJack,
            Thanks for responding. Maybe you know this:
            I’ve maximized Ichigo to 100. How do I get him beyond 100, I’ve seen one friend who has his Ichigo at 105 max.
            No other characters can be fuse with him, he’s at the max.
            I don’t know what a Gacha is. Is there an item that can create a higher maximum level over when the game says it is not able to fuse characters to bring it higher?

  • Secret

    Can anyone translate some of the mission agenda? However i understand some parts that you need to finish the stage within 3 mins but other than that, i’m stuck. Thanks

    • TheGameTagerZ

      That’s all we’re covering for bleach. We don’t have the resources to pay them to go much further than what we did. This is just to get by.

      • Secret

        I see, thank you for the reply. The real problem with this game is the agenda of normal quests. Compared to hard quests, it is more detailed and oriented while the other one is just like a “time attack”. I’ll try to discover them first myself since I’m about to finish the 3rd station. Thanks 🙂

    • All of the Normal quests are “Beat within 3 minutes”, “Don`t let a single character die” and the 3rd one changes per mission (don`t use auto/beat this Quest with X on your team etc)

      • Secret

        Oh i see!! I see thank you! 🙂

    • miHeroM8

      Other missions have you adding a specific character to the team, and if you don’t have that character added, you don’t complete the mission, you simply clear it.

  • Dante

    In the Mission 63-64 what the the Auto thing does mean? I finished the Mission in Auto but I can’t get the Quest

  • Dante

    I see Characters 5 Stars at Level 100 , how do you reach it?

    • miHeroM8

      Level up the characters by fusing. When you win duplicate characters, you should fuse characters with lower numbers of stars (rarity) to the same character with the highest number of stars (rarity). Let’s use Ichigo at level 5 stars for example: If you have won 7 other Ichigos all having 1 or 2 stars, when you fuse the lower star Ichigos onto the higher star one, the maximum level can go up once you fuse enough Ichigos. Win Ichigos by battling in events and you can do them over and over again.

  • Youshie

    I watched some people had spammed their 2 first gachas until they got 5 star character, how did they do the looping? O,o

  • Sunny Lin

    Can’t complete Mission 17 – 3….

  • Aikawa

    Once that P point 1500 max what should I do?

  • Chengjun Being Young

    How to lv a character to lv 100
    The max cap is lv 80 after i fuse my units to +4

  • Robert Smith

    does anyone know how to collect kon coins? i wanted to try saving up to buy a character but i have no clue how to collect them, you cant even buy them…

  • Kevin

    Is there keypad option in the settings?

  • Kj

    I keep getting some type if error In Japanese I can’t read. This error happens every time that I get past the first two levels

    • Jason Kunz

      I have the same problem. Can anyone help

      • Chease

        Do jou have root it wil happen so you neet to unroot your phone tot play the game

        • Jerry

          what do you mean by unrooting

  • Nnamdi

    Wat r the requirements to beat lvl 17

  • Joshua Donkor

    Does anyone know where i can find the captain abilities of certain characters

  • miHeroM8

    On the “free” version, can you get your character’s level cap above the maximum?
    I have my Ichigo at Level 100 but I’ve seen Ichigos from other players (my”friends”) at Level 105.
    Any suggestions on how to do this without having to pay for the game? Thanks!

    • Kevin Ngo

      are the other players’ ichigos 6 star?

      • miHeroM8

        Hi Kevin Ngo, thanks for responding.
        I don’t know if the other Ichigo is 6 star… I can’t see that when I choose that player for the boss battle, all I see is level 105.
        My Ichigo is a 5 star. Where can a 6 star Ichigo be found in the free game?
        Or… is there an item (a very rare item) that boosts maximum levels?
        (I’m concerned that if I want to get him higher than level 100, I would have to pay for the game or pay for something that raises the maximum level.)

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Release date(s) (US)February 18, 2016
Genre(s) Action