Beerus Joins The Fray In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


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  • Kawa

    A God who can destroy the earth with one blast..
    Why are they still saying that??
    Characters could destroy the planet as early as the saiyan saga. And they want us to believe its impressive for the likes of Beerus?? Yeah right
    Sometimes i don’t understand those folks over in Japan

    • Beerus is a million times stronger than regular planet destroyers, what makes him more unique is how he can destroy planets with simple Ki blasts or his hands alone.

  • Gamejtv

    I’m not sure what the code is?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Code you can only get in the magazine. It isn’t a cheat code it’s a one time use code.

  • SuperSagejin

    OD? ANd I finished the tutorial a long time ago, can I still do this?

  • damnSon

    Which issue was this in and can i buy it somewhere?