Naruto Storm 4 Confirmed for Feburary 4th Release, Boruto & Sarada Battle in New Scan


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  • Awesome translation as always SGZ crew. Keep up the great work.

  • Nice scan. I also love that the delay is in the bottom corner.

    • Even though the delay will cost CC2 there chances for making Naruto games in the future at least we know they will give us the best last Naruto game they will make.

      CC2 your Naruto games will be missed.

      • … Ugh no.
        *Gets in escape pod*

        • *Holds it before it escapes*

          You know this is true General. BNE wasted a ton of money on marketing this game for a fall release. CC2 asking for more time is like telling a parent his child is still born(in a way). And with BNE being greedy [email protected] we know them as, they will literally give them a chance but also guarantee to them that THIS will be their LAST Naruto game. So take that as you go.

          *Let’s go off pod and allowing it to escape*

        • Ryūjin

          Yeah, good idea.

  • |*゚✲*☆Grimmjow*゚✲*☆| Boruto

    Nice scan,Thanks for Translation SG.

  • Ryūjin

    Good work as usual. Makes me wonder if we’ll get anything else from Gaiden.

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    I’m waiting for a Xenoverse 2 announcement from Bandai •_•

    • Shakiem White



    Still waiting on toneri, hagoromo (because why not?), hamura, the gold and silver brothers, seven swordsman, black zetsu (again, why not?), please don’t put in mecha naruto, and finally, we need full release jugo.

  • Shout out to these BEAUTIFUL scans. Don’t know if we can get any clearer lmao.

  • Phillip Clarke

    Um is the release date pushed back for the American release too?

    • shaddrag


      • Phillip Clarke

        Thank you! I can figured but i wanted to be sure.

        • shaddrag

          Well, there’s a theory that it won’t be, and that it’s just for Japan to wait until the Anime is complete, and America will get it like 3 months early.

  • Holo the Wise Wolf

    I wish they shown Kakashi (Hokage) in this scan as well but it’s what ever, Also the game getting delayed doesn’t bother me to much & I’m actually happy about it.

    Now the real question is how will CC2 & Bandai keep the hype for this game alive?

    Also thank for the translation SGZ!

  • tylerc23

    I’m going to guess a January release for North America

  • tylerc23

    I’m going to guess a January release for the US

  • D Cole

    I really do respect you guys, you don’t get the credit you deserve. I see sites like Crunchy Roll and AnimeNewsNetworkusing your scans but they do give credit. Saiyan Assland don’t even have a translator and I see reviewers mentioning them when in reality you guys deserve them shoutouts. Keep doing what you’re doing and really enjoy your work.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Appreciate this a lot. I don’t think we’ll ever get as big as some of these other websites which is okay since right now at our current level of traffic we are paying a pretty penny to keep this place running. We’ll keep doing our thing as always. Thanks again.

      • D Cole

        No problem mate