Naruto Storm 4 – Gamescom Trailer Shows Off Movie Characters & The New Release Date


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  • Illumi


  • Skorm94

    The hype is real!! (even though it was delayed)

  • Scott Baker

    is that america date as in the 9th of febuary 2016?

    or everyone eles year date.. aka 2nd of september 2016..

    • Scott Baker

      why america so backwards

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Feb 9th.

      Unrelated, but you never replied to the comment in the patreon article.

  • LucsXIII

    Hey guys, double sharingan kakashi has been confirmed in this trailer, if you pause the video at 1:03 you can see his right eye having sharingan, and you can see a glimpse of his left eye. Also, i this trailer also showed that Sarada is a raiton user!

  • Steed

    It looks as good as ever. But that past a future collide thing made me kinda worry that they’re gonna pull a CC2 and give me a bunch of the same characters.