Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist PS4 Giveaway (Winner Announced)


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  • Kusaragiknight1

    i am Literally trying so hard to win this right now. i really would like to have this game. i’m sharing it and passing it around all over i am subscribing and everything…i’m just hoping and praying i win.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It’s very enjoyable honestly, feels a lot better than 5D’s.

  • Kiera

    Thanks for the Chance, want to have this 🙂

  • Been a while since I`ve played YugiOh. I`m a Series 1 guy, GX onwards added too much for me to get back into it :(.

  • tolgaabi

    Played the Demo its so good but i have to save my money for NUNS4 and Attack on Titan i will skip OPPW3 i hope they announce a new epic Game for 2016. Maybe the luck is on my side for this Giveaway

  • Seeing all them side by side, and looking at their natural hair color…

  • ShonenJump Lover

    i’d be all over this if i had a PS4

  • Jordan Maurice

    man next gen yugioh ive had decade and millenium but with preparing for college I dont have the money to get this now this would be a amazing birthday present birthday was August 1st

  • Bdock3601

    Well that’d be cool to win…I haven’t played a yugioh game since…..gba I guess

  • yugioh last one i enjoyed was 7 trials to glory on gba

  • NZH97

    When is the result?

  • NZH97

    lmao ended at 666 XD

  • GameMasterPs360

    I won!! 😀 Yayy! Thanks!!!