Omega Force Attack On Titan Teaser Trailer Released and Coming To The West


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  • marco

    Uau uau uau

  • Winter 2015 for Japan.

    • Saikou Braza nii-san

      Its 2016. Even the Japanese trailer had it stated as 2016

      • It`s 2015, it even says in the videos title 今冬発売 which means available this Winter.

        • Saikou Braza nii-san

          Yeah thats in line with what was stated in the manga but it just this winter not 2015 part of this winter. Winter lasts from the end of one year to the beginning of another so it could very well be next year. Plus the Japanese trailer also says 2016. If it was releasing this year they would have changed that part to 2015 but they didnt. So its this winter but likely sometime in january/feburary.

          • I see what you mean sorry.
            A lot of games as of recent have been very lack with the term “This Winter” hence why I thought so! <3

            • Saikou Braza nii-san

              Yeah it was probably done on purpose so they can give themselves a loose window for release instead of saying January/February.

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    I’m already in a conflict should I import the Japanese version this winter or wait for the west version next year I don’t know yet need more info before I decide.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Try to not make multiple comments at once please.

      • Mitsunari Ishida

        Sorry, is it gonna mess up the comments section or something?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Just to keep the comments section clean. You can write everything in 1-2 posts really.

    • Saikou Braza nii-san

      The Japanese trailer had it stated as 2016 so both versions release next year

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    This is why I love ShonenGameZ it’s not just about Naruto and Dragon Ball EXCITING NEWS!!

    • Quite true. They are more diverse when covering Anime/Games compared to another site that shall not be named…
      This is a website thats needs more attention.

      Also its good to see another Basara fan!

    • Senpai

      Was just thinking the same thing lol

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    Attack on Titan: Humanity Last Stand or Attack on Titan: Warriors Of Humanity?
    Which name is better?

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    Annie Leonhart my favorite character, I hope I can play with her in this game.

  • D Cole

    Best site out there

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Appreciate it

  • AzIz

    This site is really the best and really underrated , i was surprised when i knew its only started in 2013 … i hope it keep grow more and more … i want to support you but i really can’t 🙁 i’m only a university student and i’ve already spent a lot of money in only the last week 🙁

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’re all college students too trust me we know exactly how you feel. Don’t worry too much about it though.

  • bleadze

    How long will the game be? Will it stop the same place it ended in the anime or will it follow the manga??