Giorno, Mista, Narancia & Fuugo Join JoJo: Eyes of Heaven, Extra Story Details Revealed


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  • AzIz

    Good to see some part 5 characters but this is also disappointing at the same time , don’t tell me this is the only page in this double issue ? we didn’t get any new characters and they only said what it was already obvious about the story mode using the same sceenshot -_-
    and WTF with that Fugo color ? it’s good as an alternate color but not as his main color , ASB’s color is the best and i don’t mind this too :

    • A double issue just throws more news than most in one page (more pages per manga chapter too) due to the fact that there normally will not be a Jump coming out the following week.
      Tbf a lot of characters never had their original colours as their main colour in ASB neither. My favourite for Fuugo is that red one but his main given to him by Araki is the Blonde haired and black suit.

      We did get new news about the original story (this part being set after Dios death) but I do agree that we were promised a whole lot more than this.

      VJump will clearly be handling a lot more!

      • AzIz

        I meant by his main color is his default color in the game itself , of course it’s JoJo and they can choose whatever color they want but i just don’t think it’s good for a default color …oh well it’s gonna be a long wait now :p

        • No I get what you mean man. It`s JoJo and at least they`ll get all the colours!
          The only reason Jousuke (8) was orange in ASB is due to the front cover of the first Volume of JoJolion, the correct colour is his 2nd one (as it was stated in the early manga and in pretty much all promo material).
          That`s why I love the fact EoH will go the way of ASB with multiple colours and hopefully unlock-able costumes!

          • Ahtma

            I’m surprised CC2 doesn’t just make it so you can change the colors to be whatever you want.

  • Hagaren

    Finally some Part 5 characters! (not that there aren’t more 3 and 4 people on the way but still).
    I hope Nero makes it in as well.

    • viaxon6 .

      Also, Trish.
      Trish & Diavolo special attack…
      I can imagine- Jotaro n Jolyne, Dio n Giorno special ultimates.
      Dio muda mudas enemy from behind, because Giorno of course wants to be behind enemy.

  • Aleex Anarchy

    Wait, no STICKY FINGAHS? 🙁

    • Bucch is a much loved character, he`ll be more likely alongside Diavolo ;D!

    • viaxon6 .