Naruto Storm 4 Scan Details Sasuke’s Story Mode


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  • Holo the Wise Wolf

    Thanks for the fast scan translation SGZ! You never let your readers down!

    Now about the scan and what I think of it, In one word it would be “Lame” Looks like their pulling a storm 3 and not following the anime / manga completely and changing the story a bit. But then again that is to be expected since we seen Madara’s limbo clones doing perfect susanoo when I don’t believe that happened in the manga.

    Still it will be a good game, I was hopping on some news revolving around more new characters like supports being playable for example.
    All I wan’t from this game now is Madara (Final valley) to be playable and not just a boss fight. I wish I knew why CC2 / Bandai never said he’s playable or not yet.

    • Zero

      That’s actually what I like about the anime/games. They’re able to demonstrate abilities not seen in the manga (could be time/page restrictions or Kishimoto didn’t want to show them but leave it to the readers). For instance, Sasuke has the Rennigan but he’s only shown using 2 of the 7 abilities (Same with Madara). Neither are shown using the deva path ability but we know they can do it. The anime/games allow us to see more of what we couldn’t in the manga.

      The same is said of Madara’s clones, just because they aren’t seen in the manga using ninjutsu doesn’t mean they can’t, it just wasn’t shown (I only truly believe anything if it’s explicitly stated that they can/can’t).

      What really bugs me, is that the game has yet yo implement multiple jutsus (without awakening). So many chas (Sasuke/Kakashi/Neji/Itachi etc) have so many abilities yet we can only use one of them in battle (and an enhanced version). Some are allowed an extra jutsu or 2 but that’s only when awakened.

      Edit: I’m sure they’re following the story, they’re just adding more to it than what the manga offered.

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        It seems like you can choose jutsu before battle with this one. Going by the latest gameplay we got of the game.

        • Zero

          Yeah but that’s still one jutsu. I’m wondering why hasn’t a multiple jutsu system been set up by now (it’s been 5 games!?)

          • Bobby Jennings/Godless

            I have no idea honestly. Even Storm 1 had selectable jutsu. Each character had three I believe.

            Then again, there was less of a cast of characters to work with…I really don’t know why they didn’t keep it across all the games.

            I’m no game developer but I wish I were one.

            • Zero

              Ah I didn’t mean multiple jutsus as in selectable jutsus. I mean as in being able to use more than one jutsu during battle. Like how when some chars are awakened and they can use 1 or 2 more jutsus.

              Though I do wish they kept the selectable jutsus in the game. I’m actually going to school to learn game development/design. I’m learning computer animation and programming right now.

              • Bobby Jennings/Godless

                Oh that’s what you mean. Yeah I wonder why they haven’t done it that way. maybe cause they havent figured out how to put it on different buttons? I dunno,

  • irfanf (IrfanF)

    A. jutsu clash.
    B. maybe before/after the long-ass exposition from Hashirama, he’ll battle sasuke to “test his way”?

  • Thank you guys for this. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out in the coming months.

  • Haru Onodera

    Thanks for fast translated and this is interested own Sasuke Story mode. What if story mode i think.

  • Naruto_2015

    This is cool! But i wish this scan was in full colour :/

  • kasper

    Clash is it back ??? XD

    • kasper

      look at scan it says clash vs hari

  • Danbito

    Hopefully this means an updated Tobirama and Hiruzen.

  • LucsXIII

    Thanks for the great work! And this is f*cking amazing!

  • Tajutsu

    I’ll clear a path through the ninja way with my own hand****