Review: Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist – Get Your Game On

  • LucsXIII

    Seems really interesting

    • Bdock3601

      Indeed, truthfully this is the first I’ve even heard of it

  • Andrew Blagburn

    I really want a yugioh game where the cards actually come out and fight and stuff. How on this bloody planet has no one decided to do that? :/

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Said the same thing. Tag force was the closest although it didn’t have monsters pop out but it did everything else.

      Edit: Some monsters attack just not all

      • Carlos Luis Ayala

        The problem with that is there’s too many monsters to animate it’s not like Capsule monsters and even then some were cut off, having the main story monsters animated is fine by me.

        • Duelists of the Roses animated every monster, and that game had a lot of monsters

    • SOME do, but I don’t think there’s enough demand for a high level Yu-Gi-Oh game tbh.

      There’s a loud minority of us that do want that kind of stuff though.

  • Nice review! Brings back my Yugiou nostalgia too *__*!
    Sadly it`s Konami but if they could work with Sony on a Morpheus Yugiou game… damn.. I.. I would just cry underneath the visor.

  • bleadze

    Apart from the original yugioh the other yugioh are trash and the hair thing is becoming a joke, apart from kaiba and yami yugioh the other yugioh shows made to me are flops

  • MyCaruba

    If I already purchased the previous two Yu-Gi-Oh games that already have decks/recipe’s on them will they transfer over?

    • Carlos Luis Ayala


  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    It’s a great step forward from the last two shovelware games released on psn.

  • Lunos

    God damnit, sounds like the most absolutely awesome Yu-Gi-Oh! game ever created and yet, No PC ;___;
    I don’t know why they dropped it after PoC series, i’ll hope for it to come to PC at some point u.u

  • I wish they would either localize Tag-Force Special or do everything this game does, but in an HD console Tag Force game.
    Even though this game is cool, you can’t do tag duels and there aren’t any cutscenes during a character’s turn (aside from iconic monster attack scenes, which again, aren’t as great as Tag Force). Additionally, you can’t make the different protagonists duel each other. Where’s my Yugi vs Yusei, Jaden vs Yuma, Yuya vs eh..Atem?

    Yes, you can build decks that have the same cards as a character and use their face as your avatar, but you can’t make the characters themselves, battle each other like you can in the Tag Force series.
    And a little nitpick I have with the Tag Force games. Well, Tag Force Special also removes character and monster battle scenes from the game, but at least it still has the characters talking as they make each move. However, in the English releases of the Tag Force games, while they keep the cutscenes intact, they remove all voiceover work from the game, so you just see characters standing there, mouthing what they would say. While it’s still entertaining to see the characters dramatically draw and play their cards, freak out when you destroy their ace card, and react to having their life points drained away, it gets a little boring having to read what they say while their mouths silently flap in the wind. So, even though I want Tag Force Special to get localized, Konami will most likely remove the voice acting again, and all that reading, without the fancy cutscenes, will get boring fast.
    I’m sorry, guys. I turned a simple “I wish this and that” sentence into an essay-length rant.
    I’ll probably still pick this game up eventually, although it still can’t compare to Tag Force. Man, I wish Tag Force 3 and 6 had been released in the US, too.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan 23

    I didn’t played, but, this game can be played (in android devices) offline and earn cards? like:
    – Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories? (PSX) or
    – Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dawn Of Destiny (Xbox)?