Review: Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment – Not So Hollow

  • Akirascreaming

    Why the graphics are ps2 ??

    • Saikou Braza nii-san

      Its a vita game but they made it available on ps4

      • Akirascreaming


  • Gustavo Machado

    Nice reviwe. But I would just like to say that the long dialogs with only static pictures, voice and text are pretty common at japanese games, although many people may deslike it at this side of the planet :s

    • With me its the length of some of those segments, being as long as lets say Persona’s dialogue sections.

      • Gustavo Machado

        that’s quite true, too. Some people may like it, some people may not. I’m just ok with it 😉

  • Vergil

    40 bucks? it’s 20 over here in euro’s that is. That is about $22 in the us.

  • Jordan Maurice

    I am thinking of preordering lost song so I get this for free

  • ColdSoulEater

    Nice review man. Hit all the points I was looking for. I love the Anime so I’ll be sure to get this game when I eventually get a PS4.

  • Scott Baker

    its almost like you never knew it was on ps vita..

    • I did, but after seeing OPUWR go from 3DS to consoles and look absolutely gorgeous, I guess I’ve been spoiled.

  • AvanStrike

    great review. I have been enjoying the game myself. Looking forward to Lost Song.