Why We Think The Possible Removing of Free Roam In Naruto Storm 4 Is For The Best


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  • Haru Onodera

    I’m happy too remove free roam…in main story mode…if we get what if story mode when we can make own character (Like Dragon Ball Ultimate Tenkaichi) and travel the world in free roam that’s will be awesome.

  • Asta

    So, Naruto and Sasuke aren’t the only ones to be the story mode sequences? Will there be a Kakashi story? Madara story?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It can’t be just Naruto and Sasuke especially when I remember Namco saying they are going back to the stories before the war too.

  • Chris Cain

    I want open world exploration of Rise of a Ninja with the fighting system of the Ninja Storm series.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      That’s what I always hoped CC2 would do but sadly doesn’t look like it will happen.

    • Endless

      YES. I have said that many times. That’s what should happen.

    • y202jkdc

      Yeah open world with real time battle instead of being limited to that 360 platform

  • UltimateGohanSS

    Please do not remove free roam 🙁

  • Lucian

    Well, if they do remove it from the main story I see why they would. If it’s a continuation of Storm 3, they’re not really going to go anywhere, it will just be several different battles occuring on the same battle field. Also, removing free roam leaves more data on the disk to add story content from part 1, the first half of part 2, the second half of part 2, and the entire war arc along with the last and Boruto content.

  • Naruto_2015

    I will not be happy if it’s removed. Free roaming was the one thing that made me feel like i was inside the Naruto world. Free roaming wasn’t broken, what CC2 needed to do was improving it i.e. make the villages interactable like Storm 1. You should be able to select any character for free roaming. Your character should be able to run fast and is able to fly (if they can i.e Onoki, Naruto, Obito, Sasuke etc…). Interacting should play a big part in order for the player to get to do certain missions or story i.e. in order to do mission bla bla bla, player must find a secret scroll and a hint could be found by going to a person in bla bla village.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Storm 1 open world isn’t happening again (assuming from previous releases). I doubt anyone wants to walk slowly around the village all over again. I rather have fight objectives like do a 50 hit combo or even something difficult.

      • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

        Well you just found someone. I would like to walk around on that boring map a third and final time.
        Both Storm 2 and 3 had a map to walk around in, for Storm 4 to conclude the story mode of 2 and 3 without a map is disappointing to say the least.
        Personally, I enjoy me a good story mode. Both Storm 1 and Generations never delivered on a decent Story. On the other hand, Storm 2 and Storm 3 had a very in depth story mode thanks to that map, even if it was boring to walk around. ( Revolutions story was short, but thanks to the map, it also got an actual story mode and not just Anime Cutscenes. Also, I deeply enjoyed Revolutions map since it had the feature of walking around with almost every character. Plus you jump higher, which made you feel a little faster than you did in Storm 2 and 3 )

  • Bdock3601

    I wouldn’t mind if it was removed….only if they heavily improve the ninja timeline experience. Recycling some old storm 2-3 cutscenes or boss battles wouldn’t hurt

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Highly agree with this here.

  • Buk Lau

    Where would they even free-roam in Storm 4? They’re literally on the same exact battle-field for the entirety of the war; they’re not going anywhere.

    That being said, I enjoy free roam. Getting to see the designs (even if they’re just backdrops) of different villages and areas was great, even if the travel itself was a bit tedious. If they could implement the free-roam of Storm 1 and create multiple villages (and roads) with that, it would be amazing. I doubt that would ever happen, unfortunately.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      That’s the thing, you have to assume at this point Storm 1 free roam isn’t happening. With that assumption in mind, would you really want to trot slowly throughout the world for a 3rd time?

  • Revile

    I’d like them to remove it unless they put in the amount of awesomeness that was in the Rise of a Ninja and Broken bond Free Roam, cause personally i loved roaming around Konoha as Naruto, Sasuke and what not. But not if the environment is static, desolate, and with little to do. If they made the environment non fixed camera, with the same level of detail and side activities that were fun and relative to the subject material like ROTN and Broken Bond did, I’d be game for it. I love open world stuff, but not when it just is done to be done, like the storm games have been doing. It just feels like filler to keep you from beating the story too fast.

  • hmm i think we want the free roam in naruto strom 4. because you know all guys there is two chapters one is sasuke and another is naruto mode in naruto mode is it a battle between and continuing where it stopped in naruto strom 3 . and i n sasuke after the kabuto battle the other battle between orichimaru i think. and we want free roam because we played all naruto strom games and especially naruto strom 3 has a good free roam so thats why we want it

  • ShonenJump Lover

    i honestly haven’t cared for free roaming and want generations strait to action style in

  • STigersPrank

    I knew storm gebs had no free roam, still bought it…i dont really care that much about naruto storm games having free roam, its just if they are trying to make it like revolution: they let it seem like there is going to be the war fights until madara but dumped us and just added a dull map, which i mean was OK and i enjoyed it for a bit but id much rather let thrm concentrate on bossbattle and get us EVERY fight from storm 2 remastered and finish the story in one line, i also liked the killer bee story in gens he he 😀
    Anyways fighting mechanics and bossbattles is what they should concentrate on, but i miss the selectable D-pad items much more than free roaming :'(

  • Vincent Roberson

    It would feel very different, but no more free-roam means lots of more boss battles & side quest battles, which I kind of like.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Almost everything was bad in the free roam since Storm 2, slow movement, simplistic, awful side quests (many of them felt forced, especially the fights with imposters, these were the stupidest) and overall all of that was very lazy.


    Removing free roam would definitely make the game more fluid. Specially since there’s only like 2 freaking place that the rest of the war takes place, both of which are too far apart to make the game seem fluid. I’ll miss free roam, but not that much.

  • tylerc23

    Orange Flames = Naruto
    Blue Flames = Sasuke
    Purple = Naruto and Sasuke
    Gold = Final Battle

    The dots I think are other characters side line stories, ie. Hashirama, Kakashi, Zetsu Obito, Guy

    – Naruto vs Masked Man (War Mask)
    – Naruto, Kakashi, Guy vs Obito
    – Naruto, Kakashi, Guy vs Obito and Madara
    – Naruto, Killer Bee, Kakashi vs 10 Tails
    – Naruto and Army vs 10 tails (won’t be in the game most likely)

    – Sasuke and Itatchi vs Kabuto
    – Sasuke meets Hokage
    – Sasuke joins the war

    Naruto and Sasuke:
    – Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura vs 10 Tails
    – Naruto and Sasuke vs Obito (10 Tails) (not in the game)
    – Naruto and Sasuke vs Six Paths Obito
    – Six Paths Naruto and Sasuke vs Six Paths Madara
    – Six Paths Naruto and Sasuke vs Kaguya
    – Naruto vs Sasuke

    Other Battles (Dots):
    – Hashirama vs Madara
    – Kakashi vs Obito
    – Guy (8 Gates) vs Six Paths Madara

    – Young Naruto vs Young Sasuke (most likely the very first battle)

    • tylerc23

      I do not see how Free Roam would be possible or even make any sense for this game.
      I am very happy that they have gone this route

      • Gabriel Ramon

        Like storm 1? It was something separated of Story mode!

        • tylerc23

          But it doesn’t make sense…..they are in the middle of a war on a battlefield

          • SuperSagejin

            That’s true, I didn’t even think of that.

            • tylerc23

              Yeah lol Free Roam would make absolutely no sense.

              • thugnificent (eff grandad)

                i would like it.
                example: obito and madara standing on the 10 tails, and you have the whole SA scattered around the place, playing as naruto, you get the option of talking to ppl before you fight and once your ready to fight, you walk towards madara/obito/juubi and it would automatically start

                i would like being sasuke with taka, running thru the forest to get to the leaf village.

                or when obito is finally beat and naruto climbed on top of the tree to make the giant rasenshiruken to throw at madara. you can move as naruto and have see hashirama use his red gate on madara from a distance ( not to far ofc) and when you get close enough, it jumps into the cut scene or whatever

          • Matt Rosenthal

            Well it could be like one piece pirate warriors 3 where thereis chaos of battles everywhere

    • Gabriel Ramon

      You forgot about The Last Characters. Maybe a story mode too? A boss battle against toneri…

      • tylerc23

        I didn’t forget. I highly doubt that Toneri will be in the game, unless that is another reason for the Delay. The other reason that I didn’t add them is that not enough happened in The Last movie for there to even be a story mode. If anything it would be a Side Story.

        If Toneri was in the game then:
        – ‘The Last’ Naruto and Hinata vs Toneri
        – ‘The Last’ Naruto vs Toneri

        That’s literally all that they would have

        The only other thing that I would have added to my list but did not because I do not feel it fits and they are not unlockable unless you Pre-Order (unless that changes (it’s going too *wink wink)), was:

        – Adult Naruto vs Boruto
        – Adult Sasuke vs Sarada
        – Adult Naruto and Sasuke vs Boruto
        – Boruto vs Sarada

        Both “Adult” Naruto and Sasuke would be in their outfits from Boruto the Movie as a costume to their ‘The Last’ characters.

    • Ash Allen “Scruffy” Chancellor

      I see it differently. Look closely: one of the blue dots (the first one, in fact) is highlighted, as if the player has navigated to it. On the top-right are details shown for a Sasuke VS Orochimaru battle, as if correlating to the dot or flame that is highlighted.
      The way I see it:
      Dots = regular battles
      Flames = boss battles
      Purple = main story
      Orange = split-off Naruto & co story
      Blue = split-off Sasuke & co story
      Gold = Final Chapter
      Also, I think the initial purple segment (representing the Prologue) will be the Hashirama VS Madara battle, very similar to how S3 started off with the Nine Tails attack flashback and then later came back to it during the story.

      • tylerc23

        I agree with your Flames and Dots. I was going to add that and I think I forgot to go back.
        When I said Dots, what I should have said was “Dots that branch off.” My fault, should have clarified better. Those are what I think would be like Kakashi vs Obito or Guy vs Madara

        What do you mean as “split off?” The whole thing is the main story.

        I was thinking that too about Hashirama vs Madara being the first battle, in fact that’s most likely what it would be, but I just have some feeling that they are going to do the original Valley of the End battle again as a ‘Starts and Ends at the same place’ type deal

    • thugnificent (eff grandad)

      your forgetting the obito/zetsu flash back.
      im 90% sure thats what the purple dot on the middle bottom is

      • tylerc23

        You’re right!!!!

  • stackCrawler

    Naruto storm 2 nd 3 open world feature was really dry and boring to play. ultimate ninja 3 open world on ps2 was far better. The O plus direction gameplay is also starting to bore the hell outta me. Cc2 is being lazy, it is actually easier to program a general button mapping for all characters rather than making unique configs for different characters.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It’s not about being lazy (I really hate that term), it’s about priorities. Storm 2 would have probably had less characters if more open worlds were made or even refining the Storm 1 open world would have taken a lot of time for CC2’s small team.

  • Flavio Sirasa

    Not mad at all, specially since it seems like there will be side quests in this ninja timeline like story, it will be exciting to see them all, I also hope they bring the Ultimate Decisions back here.

  • Ash Allen “Scruffy” Chancellor

    I don’t see how the screenshots even hint at the removal of free roam. What I see is the re-implementation of the Ninja World Timeline feature in Storm 3. In that title, by pausing and going to the NWT, players could access completed battles from the story (as well as others from earlier points in the franchise optionally unlocked). This looks exactly like that to me; I’m honestly unsure why the author so easily assumes that what we are seeing is some sort of initial selection screen.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      “Although not flat out confirmed, if the recent screenshots released by Bandai Namco are anything to go by, it seems to suggest that they are removing the free roam feature that was included in the previous Storm games.”

  • SuperSagejin

    Build off the free roam, from the first Naruto game and that would be perfect. But I would rather have Revolution’s free roam, over nothing.

  • Ahtma

    Honestly I don’t see the point of free roam anymore when it really seems like the big draw of these games is the multiplayer.

  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    If they add free roam, I want it to be something closer to Storm 1 with more puzzles and more expanded. If it’s like Storm 2-3-Rev, I’d rather have it removed.

  • Treeko

    Wait do you guys really think they removed free roaming? The screenshots suggest otherwise if you look at em you can clearly see that they are showing screenshots from the story timeline of Sasuke and Naruto, if those screenshots are really for the story mode of the game they’d show the battles that took after the end of storm 3 and not show battles from storm 2 (sasuke vs orochimaru) or storm 3 ( KCM naruto vs war tobi) free roam is very much on the cards for storm 4, and am I the one only thinking they can really do something great with free roam? The next gen systems don’t have limitations as last gen systems they’re at the beginning of their life cycles so they can pull something great off something like a mash up of storm 1 free roam+ free roam battles like ultimate ninja 5 on a much huge level they need to justify delaying the game another half a year.

    • Sorry dude but they are removing Free Roam. When CC2 introduced that story timeline pic. It was to let us know that there is NO MORE FREE ROAM. But hey, they might give us something great to replace it.

  • K’

    Of course, the storm community is one of the saddest bunch I have ever seen, they act like sycophants towards CC2 regarding everything, they settle for mediocrity, then when the “new game” drops, 1-2 months later after the “honeymoon period” they keep whining in youtube, yt’s comments and blogs.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Elaborate, like what for example?

  • Akirascreaming

    I m good in any way 😀


    I’m glad they removed the free roam feature as it was just a pain in the A to move from one quest to the next. Sure, the environments were pretty, but also dull, especially gameplay-wise. Not being able to run was so frustrating, even more so if you took a wrong turn or had to find something. I’m not very happy with what Storm 4 has to offer in terms of new features though. I was hoping to see multiple jutsu per character, gigantic awakenings like in the Madara vs Hashirama boss battle, wall running, more ways to change up combo’s, destructible stages. Or at least some of those things. New characters, stages and story mode is great and all but it’s the same formula as always. Not exactly game-changing… And neither are rounds and damaged character outfits. I don’t really understand why they’re adding rounds to begin with… Honestly, the only mechanic I’m excited about is the leader change one, but that’s just not enough… What about co-op or hack ‘n’ slash type free battles? How about the option to select how many health bars we want? You could have different difficulties for story mode too, changing the CPU difficulty and how many health bars the opponents have. I just don’t get why CC2 always tries to add obscure features. We like Storm for being Storm, not Tekken or whatever.

  • thugnificent (eff grandad)

    no ones complaining about storm revolutions free roam, kus when u played as mecha naruto for a short time, he was running fast like he was drugs.
    put that same speed for naruto and sasuke and zetsu covered obito and i bet no one will complain then

  • Rui Dourado

    It was very good that Naruto Storm 4 was much like the first Storm game. For the first game storm the adventure was perfect and I felt like I was in the world of Naruto and could jump onto the roof of the houses or climbing the walls I wanted. Not without adventure and even Naruto I know. The Naruto connects very well with the adventures and quests.

  • Jordan Maurice

    if they brought back free roam like how it was in storm 1 with some improvements i am all for it but if its like storm 2 and 3 I wouldnt mind it being gone

    • |*✲*☆Grimmjow*✲*☆| Madara

      There will be no free roam.

  • y202jkdc

    I think its best for storm 4 that a linear type free roam hack n slash be in story mode. I think majority or whole story of storm 4 will be on the battlefield correct? There is no need to create a slow running free roam because what villages(except Taka and Orochimaru) are the characters visiting to talk to people? A hack n slash to travel the linear map would be more fun in my opinion.

    A free roam open world sandbox with real time battle is needed for another Naruto game and I’ll share my ideas on that in another post someday


    I really hoped the game to be open world, I mean going back to the days of ultimate ninja 4, the open world included features like jumps, double jumps, shadow clone jump, dashes, and even shadow dashing, the battles were still 2d though, but all those open world features gave great enjoyment, if only they would still be there along with upgraded leaf village and higher graphic quality, it’d be so much fun again…