New Boruto: Naruto The Movie Scan Features New Visuals

In Anime

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  • I feel like I don’t need to watch this after seeing all the scan’s and trailers for this movie, I will watch it when it’s online though I guess.

  • Jose Morales

    When the vjump magazine comes out?? Tomorrow or friday??

  • Interesting Hokage KCM look. Do you know where we can see it fully?

    • tylerc23

      It’s different then what’s in the movie and in the other movies and manga. Another mode that we have no idea what it is lol

      • scott

        he had that hokage chakra cloak mode in his gaiden chapter when he had the actual hokage garb on

        • Blowe128 .

          Yes, but it is different here. He did not utilize this form yet.