Saint Seiya: Soldier Soul Scan Shows Off God Cloths & New Attacks


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  • AzIz

    I want EOH scan already T_T , but knowing my luck i think it’ll be disappointing after all this wait …

  • s_fnx

    Aphrodite is a guy(He may not look like one, but he is).

    • Yeah that threw me off when I first read it back in the day. Although that makes him the butt of jokes a lot (even if he is pretty feminine lol)

  • Romero Santos

    I see someone doesn’t really like Saint Seiya.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      What do you mean?

      • Blader

        Probably because the pictured is named Saint-S***1.jpg?

    • I personally don’t, but some of the others do.

  • abdoulhay ceesay

    I didnt know you were a saint seiya fan!

    • abdoulhay ceesay

      Did he just call aphrodite a she? lol wow

      • Translator translated it as She cause I guess he doesn’t know anything about Saint Seiya. Neither do I. Only one who knows about it really is Game Empire HD.

        Little mistake. No big deal.

        • abdoulhay ceesay

          Ikr no big deal.

      • darkdenizen

        Sorry about that!

        All I know about Saint Seiya is what I got from Jump Ultimate Stars like 10 years ago. Subjects are often dropped in Japanese so….I figured with the hair, lipstick, and strong emphasis on beauty/his figure that he was a girl. Funny too, ’cause I explicitly looked up the genders of the 5 dudes from Hades to avoid this exact problem.

        • abdoulhay ceesay

          LOL! its cool bro I mean they did name him aphrodite….

  • imichigo1

    yay finally some saint seiya news

  • Rodrigo

    Wow an original story I really love it 🙂