Latest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Scans Shares Details On Part 5 Characters & Stage


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  • captain!

    Really loving all the palettes! Golden Fugo is the best.

    • Can`t wait to see all the extra colours/costumes, hope they deliver more of them (I need a Deadmans Q Kira costume this time!)

  • AzIz

    I fcking knew it , whenever i wait for a scan and getting excited it turn out to be pointless/old news , the only new thing here is GER , Purple Haze and Aerosmith but that’s just stands ( but to be fair it’s new for V-jump so i can’t complain here ) , i’m also sure the new trailer will only show what we already know ( Lisa Lisa , Petshop , Shigechi , Otoishi , Kira and part 5 chars )
    thanks god they gave us this glorious Art Work ( i think it’s the cover box )

    • Yep, that is the cover for the game. Diamond Jousuke`s nose freaks me out though… not detailed enough, same goes for Jousuke`s (8) stomach, no detailed shading so looks weird.
      We will be getting a spam of brand spanking new information as we only have a couple more months till release.

  • Kongoh Bancho


  • viaxon6 .

    I hope Purple Haze Distortion is there too.