One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 – Full English Walkthrough


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  • funnymitchell

    I know it’s a 2-day wait but I can’t wait until it comes out in EU >_< let's hope stores will release the game early 😀

  • Ahtma

    I haven’t played a Pirate Warriors gme before. Is this one worth it?

    • Amrenjolly

      If you like One Piece or Warriors games then I would say definitely worth it.

  • Trulynd Hall

    Have you guys found out how to do the gomu gomu no red hawk gatling?
    was that scan faked? It’s been out for awhile now and I have yet to see it!?

    • amrenjolly

      Pretty sure that isn’t actually in the game, maxed luffy out and still doesn’t have it.

      • Trulynd Hall

        that’s a shame… why would they show it and not put it in…

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We don’t “fake” scans. It could have been a mistake on translators part.

      • Trulynd Hall

        sorry i don’t mean you guys faked it, i mean the devs did. I’ve seen the picture but I have yet to see video gameplay of it, so i thought if anyone would have seen it in action it’d be you guys.

        plus your translation wasn’t wrong in the scan it says red hawk gatling

        • Ikki Minami

          Spoilers* Spoilers* Spoilers*
          Pretty sure that might have been something Oda was going to use to have luffy beat Doflamingo with or something along those lines (we see him use regular hawk gatling) but then changed his mind to Gear 4th and then save it for later so they decided on not including it

      • Trulynd Hall

        yea i’ve seen the picture i meant in game proof

  • Ikki Minami

    I haven’t seen anyone do the preorder dlc (davy back fight/oris marineford) chapters yet are they in the game?