Latest WSJ Rounds Up Boruto: Naruto The Movie’s Story Info

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  • LucsXIII

    Really looking foward to seeing this movie, it’s a shame that it most likely won’t hit theathers here in Brazil :/ And Nice work! You guys are always really fast with the translations!

    • Yuris

      Well,The Last hit the theathers here in Brazil,so there’s a chance! 😀

      • LucsXIII

        Wow, that’s true! Now i’m hoping Boruto can hit theathers here also! XD

    • I personally think it’d be better if it just released straight to DVD.
      Why do they even bother with theatrical releases for anime movies anymore, especially since movies like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z get limited releases outside Japan? They only release in select theaters and it’s only for like a week or two. It’s not even a real theatrical release like movies along the lines of The Avengers and Mad Max get.
      They should just release them straight to DVD and not even bother with theaters. They’re easier to watch that way.

  • Boruto wearing Naruto’s jacket and Sasuke’s headband better be a costume in the new Storm game.

  • ®The Seventh Hokage™


  • Naruto_2015

    I can’t wait to watch this movie 😀