Review: One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 – A Grand Adventure

  • Skorm94

    Almost 40 hours into the game and I’m loving it!

  • Good review! Perfect score and fairly judged. I got it the other day and I’m loving it!

  • Kiera

    Perfect One Piece Game for me as a One Piece and Warriors Fan. Loved the japanese Version and the west Version is as great as the Japanese 😀

  • TheUnBiasedOne

    5/10 to be honest…

    • TheGameTagerZ

      For the first game that was basically my score.

      • TheUnBiasedOne

        If I didn’t play the first 2 then I would give Pirate Warriors 3 an 8/10

  • I rly love One Piece games but I always have 1 major issue with them…The character:
    Nico Robin.
    She is my favorite Strawhat member + I just freaking love her SUPER UNIQUE abilities. I know its quite complicated to translate that into actual gameplay…but still..whether on the Wii Series Unlimited Cruise or in the Pirate Warriors series…everytime its just “slapping your opponents with random hands that come from the ground” and THATS a fighting pattern which is NEVER used by Robin in the anime/manga. Estimating the number of opponents around her and targetting them shouldnt be that hard (for example : Choppers “Scope”-ability should work the same way right?). Every characters has also a “Unique move” , for Robin its : “Seis Fleur – Clutch”..but its sad that its limited to 1 person…even if its quite good against mini bosses…you cant actually use it against real bosses which is kinda meh. “Clutch” is Robins signature move in the anime, and its sad that her gameplay isnt featuring it the way it should…there are lil changes to her moveset in this installment. They added the attack “Mil Fleur – Campo de Flores”…but its super sad that especially one of her new abilitys is used as a simple “low aoe”-skill in her combos. Campo de Flores is kinda a upgraded version of “Cien Fleur – Delphinium”, but instead of 100 arms ,it uses 1000! It has definitely “ultimate-ability-potential”…but instead of that they just went with the ridiculous “Dos Fleur – Grab/Spank” skill.
    1 game managed to surprise me : One Piece Unlimited World Red , which was kinda a Unlimited Cruise-like game for the PS3. But this time Robin could target multiple enemies individually and attack them ..and THATS what I expect from a Nico Robin. So if there should be ever another One Piece game : Please stop that ridiculous “slapping-fighting-style” for just doesnt do her unique character and abilities justice…

    • British_Otaku

      Robin is easily one of the hardest characters to design for an action game since in the anime series, her limbs taking damage or a toll harms her and many of her fights have been focused on finding an opening for a Clutch due to how her vision effects her combat.

      Animating arms or hands to appear on the enemy directly isn’t something that only Unlimited World Red (specific moves in Unlimited Cruise/Adventure as well as Gigant Battle did it) has done, but it still makes more sense from a game angle to focus on them appearing close to the enemy or Robin with broad reach. Is slapping pretty weird? Yeah, but punching which would be a lot easier to animate is weird.

  • Preston Ray

    Soo does this game have English dub?

    • Sherlock


      • Preston Ray

        Well that kinda sucks, o well I’ll be getting it regardless

  • Enzevil

    Great score, really loving this game! Completed the main story today, now unlocking all characters!

  • British_Otaku

    Nitpick: Unlimited Cruise was also on the 3DS, just because the US never got any version of it doesn’t mean that the Wii version was the only one.

    Zoro can use one sword? Is that for a few specific combos or part of a style system. Given that Zoro does punch, throw and kick on occasion aside from the 1-9 count of swords we’ve seen him use, I’ve felt like they (all One Piece developers) could always do a little more than the earlier hits having one sword and ending hits having more. Charging an attack for more swords isn’t quite it either.

  • Fullfree Pro