Naruto Storm 4 – Kakashi Joins Storm 4 with Dual Sharingan & His Own Susano’o


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  • Mitsunari Ishida


  • Saki Miyanaga

    Thanks for translated like always. I hope he is completly new character not only new Awekening for War Kakashi.

    • Bdock3601

      I’m happy either way

    • randy191993

      He gotta be a own Character. We see he has a new look, a new ultimate and Susanoo as his awakening.

      • I doubt he’d get a new moveset since Revolution Kakashi has a moveset that suits his character to perfection.
        But like you said, Susanoo awakening and a new Ultimate are likely.
        Ultimates aren’t tied to costumes anymore, so he could have an all-new Ultimate in addition to those from Storm 1, 2, and Revolution.
        He could also end up being his own character slot like War Gaara and Samehada Bee, since this Kakashi no longer has Sharingan. This onw would have Dual Sharingan Susanoo as his awakening, and then The Last Kakashi would have a non-Sharingan awakening (unless Cc2 ignores canon and gives Hokage Kakashi Sharingan anyway).
        But, back in the old games where you coulg give Gaara Chidori, they did pay attention to canon when they prevented players from customizing Lee with any Ninjutsu, and how Sharingan users were unable to copy Gaara. Orochimaru, and Haku’s movesets

      • Christopher Osagie

        What ultimate?On the scan we see his awakening chakra shuriken,which is Kamui Shuriken,and God Speed Raikiri,his awakening jutsu.That said I don’t see how he doesn’t get a new ultimate.

        • randy191993

          His Icon didn’t change in the God-Speed raikiri screenshot. So i assumed it’s his ultimate

          • Christopher Osagie

            A Secret Technique takes up a lot more chakra than that.I don’t think a Secret Technique is possible in Awakening in the first place.

            • randy191993

              It’s not but seeing as a lot of characters kind of use their awakenings in their secret technique that isn’t really a reason. Itachi uses Susanoo in his ultimate, as does pretty much every Sasuke after the Five-Kage Arc. Naruto uses his Bijuu Form in his ultimates so there is nothing speaking against kakashi doing so too. But i guess they would go woth something like the Kamui Shuriken instead.

              • Christopher Osagie

                Oh yeah he’s definitely getting a new ultimate,his Rev one wouldn’t even make sense to be honest. I just hope he gets new moves for his base form.

                • randy191993

                  yeah me too. Didn’t he use Kamui Raikiri in his base form in the manga?

                  • Christopher Osagie

                    He did,right after Kaguya broke his Susano’o with ash bones.

                    • randy191993

                      right. So i’d assume he would get that as his jutsu probably. Or his ultimate in really flashy.

    • Matt Rosenthal

      Probably a more diverse character in terms of techniques, power, and speed

    • Blowe128 .

      Probably Obito+Kakashi awakening ultimate awakening jutsu. That is what it is in the manga, since it comes from obito’s power anyway.


    We need gameplay. Lots of gameplay.

    • Christopher Osagie

      Just gotta wait for TGS….

  • Christopher Osagie

    This is awesome,finally.My dream team is now complete 😀

  • TheUnBiasedOne


  • Thanks for the Translation guys.
    I would ask if there was any mention of a complete new character but seeing as there is no mention, it would be pretty pointless..


    loving it.

  • PurexedSolitude;

    Idk what I’d do without your guys translations.

    Just…thank you.

  • Naruto_2015
  • Great job guys once again. Perfect job on the translation. It makes sense that War Arc Kakashi would get a costume that gives him a new Awakening(and another Sharingan). Glad to see CC2 is as detailed about what happened in the manga as us readers/viewers.

    • NinjaGaara

      Well iirc Kishi provides insight on the games.

  • naruto rival

    Isn’t the blue sasanoo for madara

  • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina main for sure.
    Along with Kushina too ofc, since we no longer have to choose between modes.

    • It is still the same War Arc Kakashi but a new awakening.

      • Illumi

        It hasn’t stated the fact that it is just a new awakening so don’t go ahead and act like it was. In fact, in the scan it has dual mangekyo sharingan in parentheses next to kakashi which could very well mean that kaskashi d. mangekyo is a separate character from war kakashi even if they didn’t show an image without susanoo activated.

        • Idon’t WearMascara

          Nice job for pointing that out

          • Illumi


        • It’s possible that he is his own character.
          There are two possibilities, which both point to him not being Revolution Kakashi.
          1. Dual Sharingan Kakashi is the character himself, and Susanoo is his awakening.
          2. This is actually No Sharingan Kakashi, meaning Kakashi after Madara took Obito’s eye and Naruto remade Kakashi’s original eye, and Dual Sharingan is his awakening, If this is the case, then this Kakashi is the one that Kakashi’s Hokage costume is paired with.
          Either way, in the manga, all Kakashi did after getting both Sharingan was whip out his Susanoo. This may warrant a new Ultimate Jutsu and obviously the new awakening, but doesn’t mean he’ll get a new moveset. Revolution Kakashi’s moveset was perfection. Really does justice to the character.

      • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina

        I don’t mind tbh.

      • Nightmare

        Dual Sharingan Kakashi, and when he awakens he gets PS. Simple.

      • Christopher Osagie

        Until we actually see his moveset in action,there’s no reason to believe you really.

  • LucsXIII

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees, it’s great that he’s been oficially confirmed

  • I’ll go ahead and play the role of 90% of the internet and say I’m disappointed that his Susanoo is blue.
    Why is it blue?
    I understand it not being silver or black or something original due to the fact that Kakashi didn’t develop it himself. He copied it from someone else.
    Which brings me back to: why is it blue? Kakashi copied Sasuke’s Susanoo, not Madara’s, so it should be purple like Sasuke’s.

    • swiss

      he didnt copy it, the susanoo is his (it even has a scar/forehead protector that resembles him.) either way blue was a odd choice.

      • The Susanoo is personalized, but he didn’t develop it himself.
        Kakashi even stated to Sasuke “I used yours as a reference.”
        Even though Kakashi’s, or we should actually be saying Obito’s, Susanoo has its own unique powers, Kakashi himself admitted to copying it from Sasuke in the manga.

        • swiss

          he never said that i just checked the manga, a susanoo is classified
          as a “kekkei genkai” which the sharingans cannot copy as stated. plus sasuke was being blown away when the kakashi susanoo appeared he wasnt using it his susanoo, the only reason kakashi was able to use the susanoo was because of obitos both MS and six path senjutsu(that was left within him)

  • I know this game already has a lot of Obito’s, but I hope Dual Sharingan/White-haired-Zetsu-Fusion Obito is revealed next.
    Obito had both Sharingan restored before giving them to Kakashi (after he died, which kind of makes a huge plot hole. but whatevs..) so he should be playable too.

  • Matt Rosenthal

    Great job! Although one suggestion is that if it’s possible can you try to find out about Menma Uzumaki from RTN movie? That would be great!

    • Black☆Star

      RTN came out in 2012 and the Hinata/Sasuke dlc was a promotion for storm 3. Making a costume/new character for Menma is pretty unlikely since there’s no benefit to promoting an old movie, and their DLC focus is on Boruto/The Last Movie.

      • Except that everyone has been asking for Menma since the RTN costumes were released, plus Kushina’s DLC costume in Revolution was called “Road to Ninja” Kushina.
        RTN still has fans, whether it’s relevant or not.

        • Black☆Star

          I understand RTN has a lot of fans, it was one of my favourite movies as well. Being irrelevant doesn’t change the popularity among fans since people are still asking for things like the Sound Four.

          I was just stating it seems pretty unlikely at this point. CC2 added Naruto costumes from the anime endings, manga, a Goku costume, things people didn’t even ask for like pirate/cowboy outfits, but skipped Menma for some reason.

          • Matt Rosenthal

            guys guys i ment a whole seperate char not another costume because honestly looking back on the movie and the new RTN filler it’s obvious he’s got a whole different move set and style compared to our naruto

        • Matt Rosenthal

          hey look at my recent comment down below

      • Matt Rosenthal

        hey look at my recent comment

    • Yeah, and his alternate costume can be Menma Namikaze from Tenten’s Tsukuyomi dream.
      That would be cool

  • Ikki Minami

    Love everything about this scan EXCEPT the color because I was hoping it was going to be the yellow/gold one like in the picture

    • Was that official coloring or translator coloring?
      Remember that Sasuke’s Rinnegan was red and Naruto’s skin was yellow in the colored edition of the chapters, but neither of those turned out to be their official colors.

      • scott

        because them colours were fan made as is this

      • Ikki Minami

        It was fan made but my point was that it suits kakashi more than blue IMO being that every susanoo user had their own color that reflected their personality and also I wouldnt have minded a silver but ill take what I get

        • Matt Rosenthal

          silver would be good makes more sense than the blue

    • tylerc23

      The official coloring version is Blue

      • Ikki Minami

        Don’t you have better things to do…like looking for Carol

        Tylerc23 “CAROL where are you CAROL”