JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Release date & Part 4 Jotaro First Print Bonus Revealed


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  • Hagaren

    And we FINALLY get a proper alt-outfit for Jotaro!
    I’m still baffled by the fact that he didn’t have Part IV and VI alts in All Star Battle.

    • Well it`s a separate character, not a costume o/!

      • Hagaren

        Does regular Jotaro have the time stop in this game?
        Because if he doesn’t then this one has no excuse not to.

        • Part 4 Jotaro will probably use time stopping in most of his attacks (due to the fact that well.. Star Platinum The World is all he uses in DiU and SO).

          • Hagaren

            Makes sense, yeah.
            Looking forward to the next reveals. I’m quite hyped for this game, hope it won’t take too long to come over.

            • ShonenJUMP Lover

              and when it does hope we get the part 4 jotaro thing

        • Bruno H. Castaño Berrospe

          In the second demo you can use time stop with Jotaro.

          • Hagaren

            Nice, good to know.

  • ShonenJUMP Lover

    i cant tag part 4 jotaro with part 3, but can i tag yoshikage kira and kosaku kawajiri

    • Dei

      Well, if you think about it Kira and Kosuka are two different people. I mean what’s the point of having a disguise in the first place? They made it so because they wanted to emphasize the fact that Kira is no longer Kira.

  • Sabo (Lucy)

    If only it was released in the West.

    • Kurae

      It probably will. After all, All Star Battle made it to the west.

      • The chances of EoH making it to the west is lower compared to ASB, but at the moment who knows!

        • Kurae

          How come?

          • ASB didn’t sell that well in the west and people still upset about the micro-transactions (even though EoH will not have any MT`s the feeling still sticks with them).

            • well they announced that new seiya game in the west…i don’t even think that sells well either.. don’t see why they wouldn’t announce EoH over here.

              • TheGameTagerZ

                South America saved that game.

                • ah, didn’t know that it was huge over there…pretty cool

                  • Boody Azzam

                    Saint seiya is as huge as DBZ in brazil and latin america explains why they got a dub for the game and it appears that this saint seiya game will sell 10 times more then any other SS game because it has the asgard chapter,dub and improved gameplay

  • Kurae

    Will Jotaro have a Part 6 version as well?

    • SO Jotaro doesnt have many (none really) changes from DiU to SO. I see it happening as a costume, but I would prefer they just mix Jotaros SO catchphrases into his DiU version (considering the way his speaks is the same).