Bandai Namco Trademarks Titles Narutimate Braves, Narutimate Blazing, & Narutimate Wars

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  • Leland South

    I’m hoping for a Naruto style Warriors game like Dynasty Warriors or OP Pirate Warriors.. That would be cool.

    • mishon

      There is one called ultimate ninja impact for psp

      • Numa Teista

        Yep, Ultimate Ninja Impact on PSP and VITA PSP Digital Game

      • Trulynd Hall

        a new impact/warriors would be nice though if you’re into that genre

  • Based Majuub

    Lets hope one of those is for the Vita

    • I hear you.
      The Vita needs more Naruto games.
      The PSP had a lot of them, between Ultimate Ninja Heroes, Heroes 2, Heroes 3, Impact, Akatsuki Rising, and Kizuna Drive.
      Whereas all the Vita has is Ultimate Ninja Impact (a PSP game), J-Stars (which is a Jump All-Stars, not a purely Naruto game), and I guess Battle of Z with the Naruto costume for Goku somehow counts, even though it’s a DBZ game.

  • tylerc23

    They will probably go with the “Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing” name

  • Trulynd Hall

    3 titles? I wonder if CC2 are working on them, it could be bandai selling the Ultimate series on it’s name alone.
    Cause if I’m correct CC2 said this will be their last storm game, but that doesn’t mean Ultimate game though…

    • It means exactly what you just said.
      The three titles, whether they’re three potential names for a single game or three games altogether, will not be a new Storm game, but they will be a new Ultimate Ninja game.

  • There’s two possibilities.
    1. These are three games in an all-new Ultimate Ninja sub-series. Braves and Wars sound like they could be sequels to Impact, bringing the Musou-styled gameplay to PS4, perhaps. Blazing, and I could be saying this just because of One Piece: Burning Blood, could be a new, fast-paced fighting game. Perhaps one that combines the action of games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising with an engine in the style of One Piece: Burning Blood or DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi.
    2. These are three potential titles for a single new game. Before Storm was released, it was just called Naruto PS3 Project, and fans were able to vote for the name of the game: Ultimate Ninja (something), Ultimate Ninja (some other thing), or Ultimate Ninja Storm, with Storm being the name that won. This could be another scenario like that, and once again, it could either be a sequel to Impact or an Ultimate Ninja game with an entirely new engine.

  • Naruto_2015

    I can never say no to more Naruto ^_^ i hope one of these games has create your own ninja and free roaming.

  • i’m probably the only one who doesn’t want ANOTHER naruto game.

  • eduardo aparecido de lima


  • Guardian Byakko

    Wouldn’t mind an enhanced kizuna drive like game with different story and more characters, but still excited for whatever gets released.

  • BatmanDaGAWD

    That be cool if the controls were a little more complex like in Mortal Kombat!