Dragon Ball Super Chapter 4 Spoilers

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  • T0sh

    Did i just read that right!??
    Did Kibitoshin just defuse back to being Kaioshin and Kibito again!???

    • TheGameTagerZ


      • T0sh

        Woow i never thought i’d see the day.
        Though i did wonder about it once.

      • Hayate Omega ZX

        Then Vegetto…

  • Saki Miyanaga

    Thanks for the translation this but i must ask just must. This V-Jump have naruto scan (don’t say anything about this scan just yes or no)

  • Insert witty name here


  • Anubhav Kumar

    So this chapter takes all the hopes away from GT fanboys for GT being part of the main continuity? I’M HAPPY =P

    • Jordan Maurice

      i dont see how this takes away from gt being apart from the timeline as this still takes place in the 10 year time gap and hasnt even got to the end of the dragon ball z timeline

      but in terms of the kais then it does but the anime is way different than the manga so we have to wait and see

      Also wouldnt this be the side continuity since it came SECOND

      • Anubhav Kumar

        This has input from Toriyama, so this is the main continuity (GT was called a side story by Toriyama). And Kaioshin is still fused with Kibito in GT, so it takes it apart.

        • Just like GT. It had input from Toriyama. He was the one that prevented Super Saiyan 5 from happening.

          • Anubhav Kumar

            GT had little to no input by Toriyama, Super has it’s basic plotline given by Toriyama.

        • signerleo snyder

          dude koshin is stlel fused with kibtio in super to odl akis iad earing fusion never rusn out it last forever
          and due gt is nto side story it canon take palc in prellel uvneuse
          you ro lier toroykia nto input on super
          the he di nto make super manga guy who made dragonball heores ddi
          tha way heros is ol hold dude

          • Anubhav Kumar

            Dude, write english.

    • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

      GT took it self out of continuity the second they showed movie characters and movie events as big key plot points. Cooler and Gogeta are non canon. So Gt fan boys have always been stupid for thinking it was ever part of canon.

      • Anubhav Kumar

        IKR, but it’s funny seeing them whine over that =P

      • signerleo snyder

        o rally you do garlic jr was movie charater show in dbz dbz is cnans o o gt can t suemovie charate
        dude gogeta nto movie only charater goku said in buu saga he evegt could do the fusion
        and due gt is canon it in prelell uvnruse like trunks time lien onb

        • TheGameTagerZ

          I’m going to ask that you speak correctly I can barely make out what you’re saying here. I’ll be deleting this soon if it’s not edited.

        • Luffy


        • Umer Ahmad

          the garlic jr saga was a filler saga (which makes it non canon) they were waiting for the manga of dragon ball z to be released, and in the meantime they made the garlic Jr saga!

      • PurexedSolitude;

        No Gogeta is canon.

        The fusion dance is mentioned a few times during the original story, so that makes him more or less canon.

        They just need to show him.

    • Achned Walters

      No not really… the introduction of mutiple universes makes EVERYTHING canon.

      • Anubhav Kumar

        Did I mention canonicity? I mentioned continuity, don’t confuse the terms.