Naruto Storm 4 Scan Reveals Obito x Kakashi Team Ultimate & Madara Battle


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  • Shonen Jump

    any one piece scan?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Nope V-Jump doesn’t even mention the new game.

    • The game was just revealed.
      They probably didn’t have time to add it to this issue. Perhaps the next one will feature a scan for Burning Blood.

  • So, does that screenshot from story mode pretty much confirmed white hair Zetsu Obito as a playable character too? At least as a costume?

    • ShonenJUMP Lover

      nope like remember in storm 3 on the island they gave us cloaked kisame with samehada, instead of shirtless w/o

      • That’s an example of improperly displaying a character in story mode.
        However, in this case, the character is properly represented in story mode.
        Doesn’t unconfirm the character being a costume for Obito in free battle.

    • Christopher Osagie

      All it confirms that he’s in Story Mode,which was obviously going to happen.

  • Matt Rosenthal

    Alright! Can you do some in depth research about Menma Uzumaki from RTN movie in NS4?

    • Sabo

      What research can they do?

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I’m curious about that as well lol.

        • Matt Rosenthal

          Look at the reply above please

          • tylerc23

            He’s not in the game

            • Matt Rosenthal

              So? It’s not definite we still don’t know a lot about the roster for storm 4

      • Matt Rosenthal

        Interview cc2’s developers, do some detective work 1940’s style, etc.

  • Danbito

    So Obito is getting the Rinnegan Zetsu as an outfit then? Definitely looks like it’s part of the CUJ for Kakashi and Obito

    • Christopher Osagie

      It isn’t.That’s clearly Story Mode.


    Well this is just awesome. I’m glad they added in a battle scene for these two because that really should’ve been in the anime and manga, instead of just some crappy filler flashback.

  • TheDBZSquirrel .

    awesome finally obito and Kakashi have a team ultimate jutsu