One Piece: Burning Blood Announced for PS4 & PS Vita


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  • Enzevil

    Finally we’re getting the One Piece fighting game we always hoped for! Really looking forward to more news about this game, I’m interested so far!

  • Hagaren

    I’ve been wanting this and waiting for this for so long. SO LONG!
    Please have a huge roster! From East Blue to Dressrosa, there’s so many characters that can be in this!

    • Enzevil

      I would like to see all characters from Pirate Warriors 3 playable! Sadly the East Blue villains aren’t. I hope they are in this game!

      • Hagaren

        They really should be.
        And especially characters who could’ve been playable in PW3 and weren’t, like Eustass Kidd and Bartolomeo for example.

  • Achned Walters

    After Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi I am very sceptical of how we Spike chunsoft can recreate the world of One Piece

  • Kurae

    Looks alot like Saint Seiya Soldier Soul.

  • Luffy

    So nice to finally see One Piece news
    Tired of that terrible Naruto anime…I mean that anime is for kids but it’s all we ever see
    Naruto = worst anime/manga of all time.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      One Piece deserves this.

      • Luffy

        You’re so right man.
        I was just reading an article on here like 2 days ago that was a YEAR old about how Koji Nakajima said he wants to make a One Piece fighting game…and now it’s happening, couldn’t be more stoked.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          It happened twice, but yeah I’m glad honestly.

          • Luffy

            I just hope they do a good job..will be shattered if I wait forever for this and it’s trash, but the trailer looks nice atleast

    • xSorrow123

      *sigh* OnePiece may be pretty good but Naruto is better.

      • KidKojack

        It’s a good thing both of you are giving opinions instead of facts.

    • Ikki Minami

      I feel like the 15 years it was made and the statues and theme parks attractions made based around it as well as the many games made from it would disagree with you (;

      But OP is hype

  • BalmungX

    No PC? Welp time to save to buy a PS4,it will take some time….

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I’m pretty sure that it will. Japan aren’t really into PC gaming like we are. I don’t think PW3 even came to steam in Japan. Saint Seiya will be one of the first in awhile for them at least.

      • BalmungX

        Yeah i’m a OP fan ,i sure hope it comes to steam

        • Richard Miller

          I’m sure it will come to PC. 🙂

  • Finally! This is going to be awesome! Koji Nakajima stated around the time World Red was released he wanted a OP fighter that takes advantage and shows off the powers of devil fruit and haki, now it seems he’s done it.

    Hopefully this time around it gets dubbed. We need a good dubbed OP game, it’s foolish not to at this point.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Still doubt the dub will be in the games for a lot of reasons (not because it’s the only dub I don’t like btw).

      • How can you not like the Funi dub? Oda himself even picked out the main cast and major antagonists. At this point in time critisising dubs are outdated, its no different from regular voice acting.

        Regardless there really isn’t a reason why they can’t, Namco clearly has the time and resources to dub any game they want.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          That’s like me telling someone “how can you not like the Naruto dub”? It all comes down to “it’s my opinion” kind of thing.

          Well lets take a step back, cause we don’t understand game development and dubbing to the point where we can easily say they got time and money so do it. When I get frustrated as a fan I feel the same way for decisions namco makes, but when you take a step back we don’t know whats going on. Saint Seiya is the least popular of the anime games that Namco makes, but it’s super popular in South America, enough so that it warrants putting in a budget for the South American dubs.

          Problem with One Piece is while it’s more popular in the States than Saint Seiya is, it isn’t to the degree of how South America enjoys Saint Seiya for them to add a dub. It’s a business in the end of the day, and they added dubs in the past for One Piece games and almost always received negative feedback or game scores from reviewers would be lower due to the dub being “bad” (note that I’m fully aware a good chunk of the games didn’t allow for a Japanese option).

          • No offense but at certain times an opinion doesn’t always count as fact or an excuse. I’m just saying its outdated to not like dubs but thats a discussion for another time.

            I actually do understand several aspects of game development mind you. Not to mention voice acting especially, as it’s something I’m looking into personally as a career. I’ve talked to a lot of people over the last few months myself including developers for games such as Destiny, Guild Wars 2 and a few others through personal contacts.
            Not to mention a few others that I shouldn’t mention. Getting into game development is another career path of mine I’ve been researching. Adding to that I’ve also spoken to a Forbes writer who handles game news and who personally knows people at Namco and we’ve discussed this very topic already.

            Frustration? No. I view it more of an inconvenience. I’m just being realistic.

            I take it you are from South America? Thats great for you if you want a Spanish dub for your region but in this case I’m referring to an English dub from Funimation, for the North American/English release. So that would make sense why you might not care for English dub. And thats fine.

            Lets get something cleared up. You are referring to the 4kids dubs from early to mid 2000’s. They are not even an issue anymore. Yes they gave the series a rocky start but Funimation fixed that in 2007, and the series has amazing reception.
            Ironically even though fans hated the 4kids voices the game’s released in America, Grand Battle, Pirates Carnival and Grand Adventure the games still did well both financially and critically. Well reviews are from average to postive abd the average rating from most game sites are on average a 7/10. On average. It was still a successful release regardless.

            Next you might bring up Unlimited Adventure, a game dubbed by Funimation right as they got the series and recieved well by fans and critics. The problem was sales, while critically the game was a success its sales were below expectations and there is a reason for that. Marketing and commercialization. It barely got any commercials or promotion, so because it was hardly advertized sales didn’t work out to expectations.

            But then you might bring up the anime or manga releases, saying spoilers might be a reason.
            Its not even a factor, even though its the same franchise the licensers for the anime, manga and games are different. Lets use the Naruto Storm series for example.
            Storm 2 covered from the start of the timeskip to the Invasion of Pain arc. While in Japan that recently was all covered and caught up, by the time Storm 2 released in America we wouldn’t see the English dub of the anime for over 2 years. Same with Generations, Storm 3 and Revolution, while the anime in America is far behind the games cocer events America is nowhere near yet to covering. Well at least 2+ years ahead technically.

            So yeah, they’ve clearly shown the ability to dub anything they want. I understand the business aspect of gaming. What they are doing is pushing away people from buying the games because not many people are fans of staring at subtitles, although many do stomach it. Every Naruto game gets dubbed which helps contribute to sales and reception, and not to mention the same for DBZ. Funimation, who have both OP and DBZ licensed have many of the same voice actors working both series with amazing reception from both fans and sales from home release of the anime.

            They are literally throwing away profit.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              I’m not from South America no, I’ve done my fair share of digging into the game though and why it got a dub. I really hope you aren’t making this come down to “they’re lazy and they’re throwing away money” if it makes sense business wise they would have done it a long time ago. No one throws away money lets stop being fans for a second and understand that this is a business. I would be on your side if they never used the dub before in the past.

              I wasn’t going to bring up any of the points you mentioned. Like I said they did the dub for so long why would they stop all of a sudden? There has to be a reason why they did. It wasn’t to piss anyone off, it wasn’t because they’re “lazy” either. How about you tell me why you think they stopped so that I can see where you stand.

              • I’m sorry but did you not just read what I wrote? Because it seems like you didn’t and you are missing everything I said.

                You are the only one here talking about anyone being lazy. I’ve never implied or said that.
                If you want to see where I stand first read my previous response to get an idea and to understand the situation.

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  To be fair you misunderstood me on some parts too. All I’m really getting from this is “If Naruto/DBZ does it why can’t One Piece”. Again I ask, why do you think they stopped dubbing the One Piece games when they’re been doing it for a good majority of games (before the ps3 generation)? There’s no right or wrong answer here, but my thing is if they’ve done it for so long why stop? Something must of happened along the line.

                  • Clearly there has been miscommunication on both parts.
                    Again, I advise you to re-read my previous response (the big one) because it seems you’ve misunderstood something if you think its that kind of situation. It should explain the situation to you and give you an idea here because there is a misunderstanding on both our parts here.

                    Well technically there have only been 4 dubbed OP games, with 3 being from 4kids. Its not like it was a long line of games like Natuto or DBZ has. Majority wouldn’t really be the word…

                    But to answer your question, its hard to say for sure.

                    On one hand while 4kids gave OP a rocky start, the Grand Battle games still did well, with the obvious censorship and overall voice cast critisised for both the games and anime.
                    But when Funimation came around the series took a better turn and was recived with critical acclaim from both fans and critics, with fans of the series considering it heroic that Funi dubbed it.

                    Then back to Unlimited Adventure, like I said the game was received well but the sales were considered poor. But honestly that’s because it had very little promotion to start with. I learned about the game back when it was announced from the English serialization of Shonen Jump when I was younger. It wasn’t the game’s fault in this case though, it was the company’s for giving it little promotion.

                    So there won’t really be a definitive answer. We’ve seen Namco clearly has the capability to do so, but for some reason (even though there is a demand for it) wont.

                  • KidKojack

                    Too be frank, they stopped releasing One Piece games for YEARS after Unlimited Adventure under-performed.
                    Funimation have stated before that they would like to provide a dub for any One Piece game, but the decision rests on Namco.

                    • There’s clearly a demand for it. I spoke to a Funi representative online not too long ago and I got that response from them as well.

            • Ikki Minami

              Lol whenever someone says “I shouldn’t talk about it” that is when you KNOW they are lying about whatever they are discussing so I highly doubt you are telling the truth

              • Sorry bucko, this isn’t the “author said so” excuse or anything. I don’t care if you want to believe me, I’m being honest here whether you like it or not.

                You know why I said that? Because I don’t want to spoil anything for a certain game developer.

                Also to elaborate on something else, the developer I know most personally is Annie VanderMeer. Her aunt teaches me piano and gave me her email because she knew I was looking into game design for a career. So we had a long discussion online through email and she told me about the business and what got her into the field.

                Its not that hard to understand. Besides thats not the topic. We are talking about dubbing the games at Namco.

                • Ikki Minami

                  But when you use false info to justify your views when you have no proof then that would affect the debate it is invalid for instance I could tell you “I work for Bandai Namco as the president of translations and I oversee everything related to translations and dubbings so I know for a fact that only a minority wants dubbing while the rest want subbing”

                  See how that would change the flow of the debate in the idea that I am right solely because I have insider information and also just two things for you 1. You (an outsider) wouldn’t be told confidential information from a company because you would not be under any obligation to hold it unless you signed a waiver making sure you would hold silence on the subject 2. If you think you are a game developer tell me what field specifically you are working for and what details you would know because I actually am in my last year for game programming

                  • Firstly no, you are twisting this. Secondly I’m not using any false information. All I said was that I’ve talked to a few people through email, and one of them is a relative to my piano teacher.

                    Did I say Hideo Kojima and I became bros after we met in person? Or that Shigeru Miyamoto took me out to dinner and we enjoyed a meal while dining on caviar and wine? No. I just spoke to a few people online through personal connections.

                    I’m not obligated to give out personal/private info to a random troll who interrupts a conversation and acts like a know it all.

                    Next lets address a few more things. I find it hilarious that a cowardly troll interrupting a conversation acts like an expert on debates.

                    Did I ever lie and say I’m a developer or a translator? No, if you read anything I said to the OTHER person I was talking to you’d realize that I happened to mentioned I’m doing research about getting into game development. I have a few connections and spoke to some people (through email) who are actually involved with said career. One of whom I learned was a relative of my piano instructor and spoke to Mrs. Vandermeer.

                    Finally, I highly doubt you are in game programming. You are trying too hard to make it sound convincing. Ironic isn’t it? You accuse me of lying when its you from the start.

                    I’m not giving out personal info to some ignorant troll who knows nothing about the subject and poorly pretends to be an expert.

                    P.S: There is no such thing as “President of Translations”. A translator isn’t responsible for overseeing fan reception, to which your example was false and based upon nothing. That’s not how it works.

          • Ikki Minami

            Its like the old ps2 games back in the day like pirate carnival and grand battle where the voice actors themselves were fine but when they made the game and tried to use them the voices and mouths did not fit because the way japanese talked was different than English in the sense that certain phrases in Japanese were longer/shorter than in English so it would mess up the timing

            also lets be real once franky/brook came into the fold the VA English was never the same lol

  • AzIz

    Finally a 1vs1 OP fighting game ? i’ve been dreaming of this game for long time… the gameplay looks good , now let’s wait for the roster …

    • Hagaren

      I’ve been waiting for this since the PS2 Grand Adventure games.
      Hope the roster will be good, yeah!

  • NZH97

    I’m not sure to get this because Spike Chunsoft haven’t been good since Tenkaichi series and since then , at most 3-4 games get an second game…

  • Franci the Maid {Trap}

    I’ve been waiting for one of these games for a long long time. Warriors is fun but I always dreamed of a One Piece fighter for current generation and last generation, now it looks like we’re finally getting it! The graphics are a little different from what I was expecting but they don’t matter most to me, I care more about the gameplay than visuals. The symbolism for Gear Fourth Luffy in the logo too is great! Can’t wait for more information on this!

  • Kongoh Bancho

    Gear 4 ?

    • NZH97


  • Kiera

    Looking forward to that but I prefer Musou ad Unlimited. But a 3D Bet em Up will be nice, Super Grand Battle X was fun. Will import this. Doflamingo and Enel are in it so I’m statisfied, hope Hancock is in too. When it comes from the J Stars Team I hope they tweak the Battle System to more Fun and more smooth, Video looks like it.